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  1. HulkJr457 for PS4 sorry I'm late to the party. http://dadshideout.com/IPS/index.php?/topic/17721-dad-needs-help-to-finish-games/
  2. You are not the only one. I have games till in the wrapper. Fallout 4, the latest tomb raider, Every AC after AC3, the list continues.
  3. I am Illinois I am central timezone but I am nightowl. Pitts you know I'll help with whatever. I am down for the gaming as always. And a few beers.
  4. Hey Dads, Its been a while since I been on the site. First let me apologize for not checking up on a lot of you guys. Through your friendship, I have found a community that appreciates gaming, beer, and laughs, as well as our kids. I hope we form that bond through more ventures and find ourselves using our time wisely. i wanted to ask the help of of my fellow dads in some gaming ventures. I have games I need to finish and I have others I need to start. If dads have time and willing to help I appreciate it. You can send me a message and/or hit me up so I can get his done. I am also in the process of moving so once I have the man cave set up i will be on my ps4, xbox1 and PC all the time. Right now the list is as follows: The Division-PS4 Halo 5-X1 Gears of War4-X1 Destiny-Raids (Hard)only-X1 Overwatch-Team Matches to Rank up-PS4 BF1-MP-PS4 (I'm a noob sorry) Looking forward to the friend request and gaming with you all. Gamer-tags (XB1 Hulk Jr457 and PSN HulkJr457)
  5. No worries bro. If you are on hit me up
  6. Hey check this IGN feed out: http://www.ign.com/articles/2016/02/19/the-division-multi-channel-late-game-mission-ign-first-placeholder
  7. XB1 GT-Hulk Jr457 Need some guys to play nightmare and zombies. Even multiplayer if possible.
  8. GT- Hulk Jr457 Hit me up, Ill help. I got help on it and was pissed i didn't get 310 version but it is one of the best exotic snipers in the game. My regular is the 1000 yard stare w/ the firefly perk.
  9. Yeah bud I see you were on lately. We can definitely get on. I just was like skip this. Plus finding a raid team is impossible some days. But yeah if you see me on playing I have no problem doing whatever.
  10. I agree on that. Just a lot of games have co-op that no one is on. But I'm down for anything. I need to get PS Plus for Battlefront. Looking for a good deal on a year.
  11. Hey Dads, I have not played Destiny in over a month since COD:BO3 and Halo 5 Guardians. Not primarily because of those games but of the replay of the game and the horrible drops in crucible, nightfall, and raids. The sparrow racing was okay and the hard mode with particular quests was like blah, okay. And to get the new exotics with this ridiculous quests just takes me over the top. However, I think my faith is renewed. I picked the game up this weekend after a terrible look of what Xur had to offer and played some strikes. My first strike was with the Cabal brothers and I had a three of coins already in my account. (I believe this was already on my account when I left the game some time ago) So when I took down these big guys, I got an exotic drop. I was excited but what excited me even more was that when i turned it in I got an 310 Super good advice. I complained on forums, twitter and the game itself about the horrible drops and finally was rewarded. This was a good day. So i think I will be back until I get pissed again. Happy hunting.
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