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  1. EPK5, not very original I suppose but it makes it easy to remember usernames
  2. I restarted playing this because of disillusionment with WoT. I think this may be my next mmo venture. I have added all of you guys to my friends list so I can get a squadron invite if that's OK? Sent via super hard sciences and maths
  3. As a former tanker in real life I concur with your assessment. Battlefield awareness is paramount and Gaijin seems to be striving for at least a modicum of realism. Sent via super hard sciences and maths
  4. Steel Beasts was a tank simulator for PC in the 90s,very accurate.
  5. I am a fan of the British heavies, at least up to the Black Prince. No alpha damage but pen is decent and the rate of fire is great fun. In a platoon last night I helped shred a T95 because he tried to crest where I was able to shoot up into his tracks and bottom of his hull.
  6. Manny, hit me up in a PM, I live in El Paso, used to be stationed at Bliss, I'll take you to lunch some time.
  7. Hmmmm, already have the E50, maybe now is the time for the ausf M?
  8. The PC version doesn't have that feature, sounds awesome.
  9. I'd be willing to look into this, looks like I may be going to South Korea for work.
  10. I raced motorcycles and cars and my friends always laugh at me when I lose at those racing games in the arcades. Good point, I apologize, feeling sorry for myself about an inaccurate tank arcade game is silly.
  11. Patton also didn't believe that tanks were supposed to go head to head against each other, that was what tanks destroyers were for. He believed that tanks were for exploiting breakthroughs in enemy lines, something that the Sherman was great at. Patton was a great tactician, his thinking wasn't along what we would think as logical but he was a genius in his own right. I've read the book, and it is an interesting read, but read other accounts and you'll discover that Mr. Cooper is somewhat biased in his opinions.
  12. I struggle with this game. My stats suck and I am 6k battles in. I go on tremendous losing streaks, regardless of when I play. I read the tips and advice, but apparently I have a WoT learning disability. I do however make a great distraction for the other XVM uses out there, they see my tomatoness and go for the easy kill, sometimes it works out for them, other times not so much. I tend to try to force my team to support my push, in pubs it ain't gonna happen, and I know this, hope springs eternal I guess. In TDs I want to support so badly that I make poor decisions trying to prevent flanks from falling, in a team game where in reality it is generally 15 glory hounds operating independently (in pubs). I was a tanker in real life, it is embarrassing to suck at a tank game.
  13. I don't know if it matters to you SlyGambit but I also have a 13 75 that is almost a 13 90.
  14. Yeah, this thing is going to be hated, one shot capability on high tier arty is going to have the button mashers screaming for the nerf bat almost immediately.
  15. E50M, I could have already had it and opted for the ST-I instead. I'd love to have the Obj.268 but 300k xp is a daunting number. I am climbing the British heavy line, not sure why, I have no interest in the Tier 10.
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