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  1. Nickali28

    Vocation Time

    Nice. If I manage to not get the boot before next year, I'll have a total of 36 days possible each year. 7 week and a day. I've given a lot to the Hospital I'm at as well. Nearly had a divorce in the early days with all the overtime I put in during a remodel/expansion project.
  2. Nickali28

    Dads in Elder Scrolls Online List

    Pretty sure the subscription killed it. Now that it's no sub, it's too late. People stopped playing it. I would have been on the ship had it been sub free in the beginning. Now, I've moved on. Maybe a reminder post that it is sub free now would generate some interest?
  3. Nickali28

    DHO Twitch/Mixer

    https://trello.com/c/rmJZ6a6R/14-add-tags-to-twitch-that-let-you-describe-your-streams-in-more-detail Some info on how the new tags is intended to be utilized. It has some good components. Not limited to 3 communities like before, but the tags are not custom either. You select from some pre-made. Hope they allow for some type of tag to a group/community into the fold somehow. Looks like they are reserving that type of organization to the highest viewed streamers only, IE partners.
  4. Nickali28

    DHO Twitch/Mixer

    https://techcrunch.com/2018/08/10/twitch-is-closing-its-communities/ Looks like communities are going away and some sort of Tagging system is going to be implemented. Guess this will give the ability for streamers to tag their channel? Suppose to hit the middle of this month (September).
  5. Nickali28

    Vocation Time

    With all those fed days, that's like 7 weeks. Nice. I see most people around here in brick or mortar closed/off for probably 4 weeks out of the year, but pretty sure they aren't getting paid for the day. It's just a day off. So many places have like 1 week of vacation and 3 sick days or something just really awful. And that is after working for a few years. You might get 10 days off because of holidays, unpaid, that's ok, but man the other is just bad.
  6. Nickali28

    DHO Twitch/Mixer

    Yeah, the team has a bit more you can do with it, but community can be done without having much viewership. Could start with a community first? Or am I reading those requirements wrong?
  7. Nickali28

    Vocation Time

    Yeah, I kept typing and typing and realized, this is a complicated earnings system. We have good health care. It's particularly excellent if you use our in house facilities. Deductible ( 25% discount if you pay full), then covers 100% of cost. In network at other facilities drops down to the 80% cost coverage after deductible. I dig the cash out. If I'm bumping the cap mark, which is 360 now, I'll cash out 80 and maybe do it again another time. It's limited to *near* your workiversary date and any other time according to accountings discretion of course. I'm at 31 ( next year would be 37) days off at this point, should I choose to take them. I normally don't, maybe I take vacation, maybe I don't. I do sneak off with the wife and kids when they go out of town to the dentist though. I'm not needed, but yeah, I'd never take days off otherwise.
  8. Nickali28

    Vocation Time

    The US is really bad about vacation time. There are some countries doing really good things, but there are some that do even worse. It's really very odd how Holidays are here. There are so many that are Federally recognized, but different areas shut down for them or stay open instead. I know the schools in my area observe MLK Day at school, but they are open. However, 2 counties away all the school systems shut down for MLK Day. There is no mandate, or requirement. I guess that is just the difference in Government though. Freedom to be as generous or as stingy as you want.
  9. Nickali28

    Vocation Time

    I work at a Hospital, so we are open 365 days, Management staff has 6 paid holidays. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and New Year's Day. All other staff have 1.5x pay on those 6 holidays if they are working that shift. You earn 3 weeks (120 hrs) at a percent rate for the first 5 years, then your percent rate goes up allowing you to earn 4 weeks (160 hrs) , then at 15 years, you get a percent bump again allowing you to earn 5 weeks (200) hrs off. You can accumulate up to a max of 360 hrs ETO. So, if you work overtime you are going to be earning a bit more than the standard time off. Management starts a week ahead of the rate earning. So, 4 weeks, then 5 weeks, then 6 weeks of ETO earning possible. Management is all salary so the earning is flat, no OT to help bump up the ETO earning any more than it already is above other staff. If I am not mistaken, at the top management rate, you essentially could take 1 day off every 2 weeks and still have an hour of ETO earned. ( I am in management and next July would be 15 years, so I could essentially take 26 days off and not deplete my ETO any. I would end up 2 hours ahead at year end.) It used to be 4,5,6, and 5,6,7 weeks potential earnings, but they cut the rate down when we went through some hard times. They didn't bring the rates back, but we recently got a bump from a 240 hour cap to the new 360 hour cap. You can cash out 2 times a year. You can use your ETO at any point. Any time away from work will draw from your ETO. There is no separation of Sick or Vacation time. It is all the same. You may take a day off without pay if approved by your Supervisor.
  10. Nickali28

    I'm a daddy! (AGAIN! LOL)

  11. Nickali28

    Gamer Life Hack

    I have no idea what you are talking about. 😎😎😉
  12. Nickali28

    DHO Twitch/Mixer

    And for the mixer guys: https://watchbeam.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/211509386-Create-Teams They have something called teams. Looks like it might have a cost to it. But the currency used to start one can be earned by using the site. https://mixer.com/browse/teams
  13. Nickali28

    DHO Twitch/Mixer

    Looks like anyone could in theory create a community with a Twitch account that is at least 90 days old.
  14. Nickali28

    Discord coms shift coming to a clan near you!

    Good luck guys. Discord app and talking are super easy. 5 minutes after install and I could chat, add pics, and use voice comms. I had to look up help documents first go of using TS. I'm on Discord a good bit and can probably answer a question or 3 if I see someone floundering around.
  15. Nickali28

    Professional Mentor at Work

    Yeah, that's a tough call. Only thing I find weird is you are the one also having to ask the mentor to be your mentor. That's not your place. Neither is selecting one, but I can swallow that part. I'd just be honest with dir sup about it, if it were me. Say this is the only qualified person here to mentor me for growth, etc. There should be some communication between your direct and the mentor to be though before you talk to them...that's just sticky.....