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  1. Thank you , just seems so empty here what happened, i dont do that discord thing , guess im showing age , are forums dinosaurs now lol
  2. Airborne

    2017 Moose Hunt

    Sounds good thank you , i tye my own flies, and i donate flies to project healing waters for veterans, its a relaxing hobby
  3. Airborne

    2017 Moose Hunt

    Beautiful, i use moosehair to tie my flies
  4. Well like ive mentioned,im finally getting the controller back in my hands, having set idle the past few years watching games being announced and released i craved them, it was kind of sad not being part of everything happening , gaming has always been a large part of my life however the silver lining ive found is Saving money and getting great deals on games now lol , being three years behind all the big titles are cheap now lol , so ill be getting some good deals , GOTY editions and collectable editions are all over for the pjcking , look forward to getting into some games with everybody
  5. Hey keltic.......funny to find you here , mass effect i know youre a fan, im very behind on my game list , looking forward to this ,but as you know im a Fallout junkie so that will come first ,
  6. Hello everyone , been awhile im sure theres tonsof new guys, older members may remember me, if not ill become more active , the past few years have been an adventure,Divorce, moving and re aligned my life , posative and moving forward the other day I renewed my gold membership on x box live , holy cow a few years away and im completely lost on the dashboard wow anyway i look forward to some games and getting reacquainted with everybody
  7. Hey guys, After being poked or kicked over on Twitter I decided to come back , I was here a long time ago lol, many changes come at you from left and the right , but I think I will have a little more time to be active The big news over on Twitter is Fallout -4 , that's my game I will put several 100 hours into it , just kind of lost interest in games over the past year , it seemed either it was a carry over re-make game , or just garbage ..... Oh well how the hell is everyone
  8. Game has been great  , it's been very fun , great story , a much improved game over the previous  games, ....but if you can play it on an Xboxone or Ps-4 , do it ..... This game plays better on the newer systems
  9. Wow anyone else playing this game ? I will start out saying its alitlle tough , fighting the bosses and Chiefs is a challenge when they have a constant flow of fellow orcs beating the crap outa you , I know if it was one /vs/ one it would feel more balanced, I guess the object is to keep getting stronger so be more of a tank?? It's a nice game but challenging , not a pick up and run through in quick time game , you will die, die, die and die again ...it's a game to have lotsa patience
  10. Boots are an important pieace of gear , if you're on you're feet all day you better step up for quality , keep in mind I seen you're in janitorial field , carful/chemicals , as to rotting stitching and the soles, I currently wear wolverines/w a vibrant sole and I love them , they are gortex so feet stay dry , another option for you may be a pair of "Hightechs " I know allot of law enforcement guys like them because they are light weight , good on your feet , and very durable .... Good luck , take care of you're feet
  11. Airborne


    Just like it says MAD !! My favorite all time magazine, say what you want , I am 48 and still read it , it's funny and at this point in life if I can laugh , life is good , I also collect them , if you have clean ones sitting around I'd be interested in buying them for my collection ... They say laughter is good medicine , I agree
  12. Been playing this DLC the last week or so , I think it's the best set of maps that's been added to BF-4 , I also enjoy the new game mode chain link ..good fun , shoot me a fr-req I've been gaming solo for awhile
  13. Have to agree Mio is a great additive to water , most flavors taste great , a little goes along way , I love orange myself
  14. Welcome , great place to hang you're hat , nice group of guys
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