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  1. Ark ark and more ark survival evolved
  2. Drinkmilk what time are you usually on u play almost every day around 8-11PST.
  3. I've tried to tame a monkey but the thing runs off after I've feed him once.
  4. I love this game but it is hard trying to get on the same server would love to game with you guys some time
  5. It was the strongarm with the plastic tips vision started to clear up today still hits like a mo fo
  6. So yesterday afternoon my wonderful son decided to have a nerf gun fight with me being unarmed as he was "aiming for my belly" his words he caught me straight in the eye so here I am today sitting in a&e with a black eye and puss coming out it trying to enjoy the long weekend hope you guys are having more fun.
  7. I sell all motif's for $700-$1000 for the blue ones the purple dewmer motif's for between $3000-$5000. on the xbox market
  8. Are you getting fifa 16?? I was thinking about trying out a dho pro club??
  9. I'm a skipper though I may listen to the main quest on my second character.
  10. I'll help with recruiting I'm on daily from about 9PST.
  11. Have you been to the stealy house (it's what some random called it) but it's a house full of light armor that you can eailsy steal and break down for raw materials also the first bank you can get to you can steal from all the chests and dressers in the room. Sent from my SM-N900W8 using Tapatalk
  12. I usually leave all the hide alone but will pick it up and leave it in the guild bank for you Sent from my SM-N900W8 using Tapatalk
  13. what system are you playing on??
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