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  1. Springfield45

    Murovonka Map changes ready for Patch 0.9.3

    I am extremely disappointed with the changes. The preliminary leaked info was that it was going to be expanded to 1000x1000. It appears not to have been. We need larger maps!
  2. Springfield45

    MyWotStats.com is gone

    The one I am using here looks like I haven't played in a  week.  Hate it. :gnash That is because you only play once a week! Someday I WILL track you down and get a platoon with you.....  :tank
  3. Springfield45


    Thanks for the platoon today, guys.  That was fun.
  4. Springfield45


    It is nice to be back!  Did I miss anything?
  5. Springfield45

    Super easy Mod pack from NemesisF16

    The arty mode zoom out was banned.  It made counter battery too easy. -----Tapatalk?----- An armed man is a citizen.  An unarmed man is a slave.
  6. Springfield45

    unread posts

    What the hell, man! You've been deleting my posts?!? ;) -----Tapatalk?----- An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a slave.
  7. Springfield45

    WoT360 - Apply for beta now!

    [quote name="xxDerPittsxx" post="1" timestamp="1372349520"] I did the first day, now let us play already !!!!!!!!!!!!  :rant [/quote] If you want to play already, we can make that happen.  Come to the dark side.  We have tanks! Sent from my SPH-M830 using Tapatalk 2
  8. Springfield45

    What would you like to hear on DHO's Podcast ?

    You really gotta come tank with us, sir. Consider it training for the 360 version.... An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.
  9. Springfield45

    server split

    It is probably not going to be a big deal.  If you have dabbled on the russian or test servers, you will see what I mean.  Just hit "auto" and go kill stuff.  There is a small chance that someone you would like to platoon with will be on the other server.  Just relog and switch.  No fuss.  No problem.  To go with an overused and ,frankly, not very funny meme:  Keep calm and shoot them in the face. ;) EDIT:  As long as it has been done the same way as on the other servers (most likely scenario) the chat and friend system in the garage will be cross server. An armed man is a citizen.  An unarmed man is a subject.
  10. Springfield45

    My garage

    It is amusing because of that attractive woman draped seductively across the back wall. It is AWESOME because of the double carousel of fun tanks at the bottom!
  11. Springfield45

    I don't think I am supposed to be here....

    Hrm... It appears I spoke too soon....
  12. It appears that I was given access to this part of the forum when Amos promoted me to recruiter in DHO4.  Now that I am back to being a lowly recruit in DHO3, it appears that my access has been overlooked.  Good luck folks.
  13. Springfield45

    STO Roster - to get a DHO fleet going

    It does not seem like it. I never did get a fleet invite. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.
  14. Springfield45

    DHO4 Snapshot

    I really wish that were the case, Bump.  Sadly, the six hours overtime they are giving are not contiguous with my regular shift.  I will have eigt hours downtime, where I cannot ho home.  Basically, I have to be at work fifty four hours, but only get paid fourty six.  Add the two plus hours driving time each day (six days a week), and I hardly have time to be Dad. Oh well. Good luck, General.  I will miss being a part of the DHO4 crew.  Thanks for putting up with me. ____ An armed man is a citizen.  An unarmed man is a subject.
  15. Springfield45

    DHO4 Snapshot

    Well, general, it looks like I will probably have to drop from DHO4.  I am at work right now, and have been told that my scheule is being changed this weekend.  I don't think I will be able to meet the activity requirements for 4 any more, and will have to go back to one of the others.  An armed man is a citizen.  An unarmed man is a subject.