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  1. Im in!!! Thanks...got in last night..did a few skirmishes...tons of fun!!! And got discord working also
  2. i usually can get on around 9pm est for a few hours...and on my days off...love platooning .. tier 7 is my highest tank right now..my days off are Monday and Wednesday
  3. i would like an invite please..im back playing regularly...new name is rudegator96jdc
  4. Rudegator96 here...again..back into WoT with new account and looking for platoon buddies...im running from T3 thru T7 at the moment. New screen name is Rudegator96jdc. Any of the old DHO members still playing or even new players friend me and lets blow some stuff up! Back in the day i didnt like driving tanks and would play arty. Now its flipped..still play arty a bit but prefer driving...tds are my favorite...see you guys on the battle field
  5. Hi guys..Rudegator here..been off for awhile..lifes journey...getting back into WoT and talking to a buddy of mine i remembered in the original DHO clan we did a tribute video for a guy...anyone remember this and where i can find the video?
  6. i didnt get into any season but so far....
  7. i just got back into WoT after an extended absence..surprisingly i still have my old log in holding strong so as soon as i get up to speed on all the new stuff ill see what and where i am ranking...to be continued
  8. I have a lvl 12 man archer so far on said server looking for a friend request send anytime
  9. just logged in...no invite yet..i would love an invite please UPDATE: been so long since I had to accept invite I forgot to go to main site and accept it back in good ol DHO
  10. I will start a toon in Landroval and whenever you are on hit me up, friend me or w/e my name will be same as here Rudegator hope to see you soon in Middle Earth
  11. wassup DHO's been away for a bit dl'd new updates and I am tanking again ...I see I have been removed from my good 'ol DHO1 clan but that's to be expected in my absence..i love the new interface and features I will be lobbing my deadly arte shells once again for all to admire and fear...pm'd bumpkin and he is supposed to get me an invite sometime tonight..just don't know if it will be b4 I log or not...HAPPY HUNTING out there guys!!!
  12. yessir missing my arte for sure..i am updating WoT right now..should be on later tonight or tomorrow even
  13. rudegator96jdc


    is anyone still playing this? what server? I stopped for awhile but am getting back into it, but the server I am on now ( Evernight ) seems quite dead..there is prolly a thread for this game already but I cant seem to find it sorry if there is lol
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