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  1. Thanks guys! We will see what happens. My mom is supposed to get out of the hospital so I'm stoked! :D I got some stuff this morning though so I'm well taken care of
  2. I already got the super maximum deluxe edition downloaded.
  3. Yea I think we can just say enough is enough. I'll be on and what not if you guys see me jump in!
  4. Alright just got through the podcast and Magma can't make it so that about sums up this event! Thanks for all the interest guys. :lmao2
  5. And I thought I saw footage of Ziltoid actually driving the hype train... buhaha juular is awesome. apparently he wrote the song and he meant to write jugular but he was so drunk that he misspelled it and it just stuck. Nice to see a fellow hevy devy fan.
  6. Not enough to sucker me back in. Definitely think these things should have been back in the beginning but I think I've had enough of the Destiny experience. At it's core it's still the same thing just kind of relabeled with a few different colored paints and a new carpet. They are genius though, no doubt.
  7. You guys get this to work yesterday? Apparently you can just throw the discs in as well right? I'd like to fire up some Gears 3 for a couple weeks before UE comes out.
  8. I gotta couple credit card offers this week
  9. Updated the original post with preorder information. Looks like I'm going deluxe digital.
  10. Wow, that's pretty sweet. Some dads should team up and start sharing games with each other.
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