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  1. Flyingfish

    Homebrewing Tips, Tricks, and Shared Secrets

    John Palmer's How to Brew is where I started. http://howtobrew.com/book/introduction NorthernBrewerTV has some great videos as well I used to buy all my stuff through Northern Brewer but have quit since they are now owned by InBev. I go to the brick and mortar stores for ingredients now. Folks getting started now can look at doing 1-2gal batches on the stovetop as well as any of the "Brew in a Bag" BIAB kits. Saves time and money as you are learning. Also a good resource: https://homebrew.stackexchange.com/
  2. Flyingfish

    Browser Game - Crown of the Gods

    Does anyone else play Crown of the Gods? It's a complete re-write of the original Lord of Ultima browser game. Here's my refer a friend link if anyone is interested: https://www.crownofthegods.com#a=23415
  3. Flyingfish

    What are you currently reading?

    The Blood Mirror by Brent Weeks Book 4 in the Lightbringer Series. Pretty Epic just like the rest of the series. Also, re-reading some old posts in this thread, I'd like to reiterate that Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss is an absolutely EPIC series. A story told by a storyteller about epic stories of adventure (inside a story)
  4. Flyingfish

    Exploding Kittens

    Bought the kid friendly edition. Great game!
  5. Flyingfish

    Vanilla WoW?

    I checked out Elysium a bit ago. Takes hours to get through the login queue and it's so vanilla that there isn'tt even auto-loot. All in all, negative 1 stars for the pain and suffering.
  6. Flyingfish

    EVE Online

    I've been back to playing Eve for several months now. Mining in a Rorqual, Carrier ratting, building tech 2 internetspaceships. I help to run http://www.discoverings.net/. Decided after playing solo and black ops hot drops exclusively since 2008 to join up with the largest alliance in the game, Goonswarm. Website speaks for itself if you are interested in joining up.
  7. Flyingfish

    Can't paste a pic?

    Makes sense. Thank you!
  8. Flyingfish

    Can't paste a pic?

    It also pops the same error if I use the img /img bbcode tags around the url. In this section, both the picture url and the bbcode tags work just fine.
  9. Flyingfish

    Can't paste a pic?

    I was trying to reply to this thread: http://dadshideout.com/IPS/index.php?/topic/15900-victimized-support-group/page-2and I used the Picture button. Then a URL popped up. I paste the URL to the picture. The picture shows up in the editor, then when I click submit, this is the error I get:
  10. Flyingfish

    Can't paste a pic?

    Nevermind, I guess I can. In the tanks section, I was getting no permissions to do so, maybe it's per section?
  11. Flyingfish

    What are you currently reading?

    Rogues edited by George RR Martin Collection of short stories.
  12. Flyingfish

    Gran Turismo 6 on PS3

    On the PS3, I created a new user profile. There's also an 'auto logon' feature that you can turn off so that it prompts you like the PS4, though I don't need it. On another note, my wife was watching me play GT6 (and she doesn't like video games at all) and she said, oooh you should get Madden! She does like Football. I might have to go get madden so she can kick my butt at football.
  13. Flyingfish

    Gran Turismo 6 on PS3

    I will set up more ps3 profiles then, thanks! I need to teach the rest of the kids how to switch profiles, because they know how to use hulu and netflix on it but not how to switch profiles.