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  1. Porkibus

    Naval Action

    Naval Action available for early access on Steam. This is in-game footage. I sail for France!
  2. Nope. Sometimes I stay and watch if the game was really interesting. Most of the time I just head back to port.
  3. He expects the sun and the moon. Those kinda players are the main ones who blame everything on bad MM and won't consider maybe they're the one who is bad... granted sometimes you do get bad MM ;)
  4. Ya, Atago and Atlanta aren't available at the moment. But I heard they will be back.
  5. I've always liked the "Grand Old Lady"
  6. DD,CA,BB here, mostly USN. Not a big fan of CV. Some people can use CV well...I'm not one of those people. See what the future brings for RN whenever they get introduced...I'm liking my Warspite Picked up the new IJN BB Ishizuchi today from premium shop. It's pretty decent for T4 :)
  7. Open beta should be any day now. New patch today plus server has been renamed to WOWS NA from CBT.
  8. Just started playing this again recently. Mostly for the tanks. I have up to tier 2 for all nations so far. Haven't done much flying so still only have the reserve planes. My job requires me to be away from home a lot so I'm on when I can be... hotel wi-fi can be pretty iffy but I do have WT on my work lap top as well. My name in game is "Maximum_Pork" and I like to "Canadianize" my stuff
  9. Installed it last night. Quite good :)
  10. Porkibus

    Star Citizen

    I've bought into Star Citizen as well. Picked up a few ships that look nice in the hangar
  11. Porkibus

    Naval Action

    New damage model 4.0 is coming up soon. Will feature a little more realistic internal damage to targets and "pass through" shot. Rolling broadsides will be introduced making bow and stern rakes much more effective. Firing angles will improve with a higher incidence of ricochets. Crew damage to specific areas of the ship...so you could have an upper gun deck who's crew was nearly wiped out by a devastating rake and a lower deck still at 100%.
  12. Porkibus

    Naval Action

    Keep in mind the game is still in alpha. When you advance up to the "brig" or square rig type of ships you will have to learn and practice manual sail usage. It's not hard at this point but does take practice. If you don't keep in mind that when you turn into the wind you will go into "irons" and start to back sail. Not a good thing ;) Some shots of stormy maps here so you know it isn't all like sailing on a lake. Yes they are tough to play on ;) Your gunnery will improve
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