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  1. Comerica Park is great, that whole downtown area there is great. Cant wait to see the new Arena for the Wings.
  2. heh, im not exactly real Mature myself, I mean more about the kids and their racial slurs and all. Can't wait ti get on and do some clan platooning.
  3. I played the game at release just for the love of Star Wars, but it felt a bit boring to me. I played it maybe a month before I quit. Is it worth coming back to? Is it supported and actually improved on over its time? I really want to come back to it, but figure I should hear some opinions first.
  4. Really looking forward to this. I started using it when it was first offered as a technical release. I went back to using Win8.1 just for work purposes, and I actually love 8.1 too. But I think I like the way M$ is going and hope they keep reaching out to the consumer for direction.
  5. And I thought we had a strict no Detroit kitten fans policy. Royals, nuff said. Not to de-rail the thread, but darnit... GO TIGERS! lol
  6. done, thanks, not impressive, but improving nonetheless. Now that Im actually trying and at higher tiers.
  7. Thanks, and of course people watch baseball, what else is there in Detroit? Its MLB and college sports.
  8. CPU: i7 4770k Board: MSI Z97 PC Mate GPU: MSI R9 280x Gaming RAM: 16GB DDR3 Monitors: ASUS VG248QE x2 Headset: Turtle Beach x12(soon to be replaced) Mic: Blue Snowball Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Tournament Mouse: Steelseries Xai
  9. Bought the Freelancer+ package last year. Play it a little every time they update. Can't wait for full release.
  10. Would love an invite to the Clan. In game name is DirtyPlunger on NA.
  11. So, I joined here a while back with intention of getting into a more mature clan, but soon after decided for some reason that joining the National Guard would be a good idea. lol. So anyways, I am back looking for a mature clan to get into. Im fairly casual as far as my gaming goes. I get on when I can, I have 2 daughters that take up a lot of my time. I have a nice PC setup with headset and stand alone mic. Im 33 years old, Im an IT Specialist with the Army National Guard, and I am also IT in the civilian world. Married with 2 daughters and use WoT to get away from real life. lol. Anyways, Hello all again, hopefully I can hookup with some members for some tanking.
  12. thanks, im in, will get vent setup as soon as i get a new headset. it did not survive our move. lol
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