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    Mr Linford reacted to joey791 in Please donate to our Teamspeak server if you can   
    Some made a donation yesterday or today, please guys do not donate at this time we are covered for at least a year, thanks to everyone that helped.
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    Mr Linford reacted to SlyGambit in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes   
    I started a day into the hard launch (they did a soft launch server shard in October).  
    Tips for starting leading to 'end game'.
    1)  If you like Star Wars just buy the $5 starter bundle.  It is a limited time offer for your account.  They never give any good deals after where you get a guaranteed character for so little.  Most of their 'bundles' are a huge ripoff.  $50 for a single character or $100 for a couple characters.  
    2) When you start the first thing you should do is unlock your arena.  Then see how high a rank the first guy is on your arena.  Each arena is in a server shard with upwards of 10k accounts on it before they open up another server.  If you happen to get in early then you'll be able to get arena rank.   If you have a terrible arena (ie guys at level 30 when you're just starting) then consider deleting that account and just starting another.  
    3)  Use all 5 of your arena battles daily to get rank.  If you're like me and don't spend money on mobile games then arena is where you get crystals.  Top-5 gets you enough crystals that you can compete with people spending money.  People spend ridiculous amounts of money on this game.  The guy I regularly compete with has spent well over $5000 but I probably beat his team 2/3 of the time.  He probably beats my team 4/5 of the time.   
    4)  Spend crystals on energy refreshes (50/50/100/100) and cantina refills (100/200).  Farm gear in light/dark missions.   But one Chromium single pack (I believe the first one is a guaranteed character) but no more than the first one.  THey are a giant waste of crystals.  It is much better to invest those in refreshes if you want more characters.   
    5) Don't be afraid to spend 50 crystals on arena battles to give you an extra 5 battles.  Those extra five often help catapult you to the next prize level where the payout is usually 50 crystals more.  So you get a wash the first time but if you can maintain it.  The payout time is either 6 PM or 7 PM your local time (they don't adjust for DST) but other people in your arena will be playing to get their arena closing time.  So if you're PST a lot of the guys at the top will not fight back as you beat them because they already got their prize payout.
    6)  Focus on building 1 arena team and 1 Galactic War team.  Only focus on other characters if you are unable to complete your daily challenge missions.  For a FTP team the following teams overlap and are perfectly fine in the end game.  Completing galactic war daily is really key to life as a FTP as it gets you a lot of credits plus droids plus shards plus mats.   
    7) Keep your arena team near your max character level and try to keep your GW team within 5 levels.  If your GW team is lagging don't sacrifice them for arena.  Sacrifice arena for GW.
    Here are toons I recommend.  
    Here's my current stable of toons.  If anyone wants to try one out and is allied with me just PM me.  My kid usually has me putting in random stuff although he likes using Yoda most of the time.  I try to leave Bariss/Daka in for LS/DS missions but he trumps that.  
    Obviously little or no chromium characters but I have pretty much every viable FTP toon.
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    Mr Linford reacted to Ruiner in DGG Podcast Swag Now Available!   
    Have you ever wanted the Dads Hideout podcast all over your chest and face?  Well now you can have it!  We have some stuffs available to purchase for those who might want to share their love/hate of DGG.  Prices are the lowest we could make them to not have any minimum orders, and of course any profits go right to Dads Hideout to keep this great place to be chugging along.
    Keep in mind, most of the products can be altered to fit what you are looking for. For example, the tee shirts can be chaged to hoodies, tank tops, maternity shirts, or whatever.  The coffee mug can even be changed to a beer stein! If there is something you don't see but would like to have then let me know and we can get it added.

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    Mr Linford reacted to Aftrthought051 in DHO discord server   
    Well, we actually have two discord servers. We have a WoT/WoWs server for everything for those dads. And then we have an official, just regular DHO one for everything else. Switching between the two is seemless however. There is no signing in to each server, or changing anything. It's actually just point and click, and I've been jumping between the two quite seemlessly.
    Discord is a great way for gamers to communicate when you want to game a specific game, or get a message out to those dads who play a specific game. With an app for both Android and Apple, you can get alerts any time you just have your phone with you. So sign up on one, or both if you are so inclined. There is chat support, but I think the biggest draw is just to be able to put out a message to all the dads about a specific game you are looking to play and them getting it just like a text message.
    Link to join our WoT server:
    Link to join our DHO server:
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    Mr Linford got a reaction from vodeneal in Try Google Opinion Rewards   
    Earn Google Play credit by answering short surveys. Download Google Opinion Rewards now: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.paidtasks
    Join the dark side, we have cookies.
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    Mr Linford reacted to joey791 in Please donate to our Teamspeak server if you can   
    Sorry guys been very busy being up to mischevious things in my personal life :D . We are good for at least a year, thanks for everyone's help.
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    Mr Linford reacted to Ruiner in Dads Getting Grounded - Episode 076: The One With Diabeetus   
    Dads Getting Grounded - Episode 076: The One With Diabeetus
    Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas who made us papas! Guest Dad Larry (Bluemanrule) of the Open Forum Radio Network comes by to eat oatmeal and discuss bringing down the parental thunder (again), PAX problems, fast food fun, mancave renovations, and biking beginnings. Talks move on to Battleborn (with and without Tap), Alienation, Hearthstone expansion, revisiting Gears, revisiting Warframe, anime, Ghostbusters, the Revenant, The Forest and listener feedback. Check your blood sugar and check it often, then call your mom and tell her you love her!
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    Mr Linford reacted to Aftrthought051 in Happy Star Wars Day!   
    Woo-Hoo! I might try to watch Star Wars again tonight after some Battleborn.                      
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    Mr Linford reacted to xJediDadx in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes   
    So Damian and SlyGambit were talking about this game in the shoutbox yesterday and I vaguely knew about it. My son plays it on his tablet a little.
    I installed it on my phone yesterday morning/afternoon sometime.  It's addicting.  It seems like I have yet to come close to running out of energy.
    Since we don't have a little thread going about it and there is a way to add Allies (up to 35), I figured this would be a good place to add Ally codes.  Have to get to level 18 first before you can add anyone though.
    I'll start the list off and add Damian's and Sly's since I have theirs from yesterday.
    xJediDadx - 897-713-712
    Aftrthought051 - 769-478-381 (Corstrewn Odai)  [Guild Leader]
    SlyGambit - 925-117-391
    Daniel K. (Sly's son) - 863-444-255
    Deo - 929-362-731
    Talisker - 254-514-639
    LordOfTheS1th - 674-162-436  (Solrac)
    kilgore - 894-995-155   (SirKilgore)
    conscious_hero - 536-935-415   (Hero)
    SilntMercy - 361-616-291
    _CHILL_ - 562-531-336
    Balithal - 464-794-679
    Mr Linford - 756-946-914 (Y'sanne)
    Tempus - 296-473-111 (Tempus Noctis)
    mtjd63 -  241-161-496  (hanoj euhonod)
    Camelboy0 - 443-383-235 (Camelboy)
    LtMardigan - 279-818-836
    Ayleward2 - 795-823-266 (Ayle Guard)
    RompingRaisin - 239-961-147
    Superbren33 - 748-185-584
    RIPxDevilMutt - 332-664-979 (JawaBreaker)
    Rogueislehero - 972-357-748
    Phoenix - 778-126-618 (Phoenix1362)
    Spiderman - 458-433-754 (SpiderKiller)
    jbakerstull - 695-275-552 (Bakerstull)
    harfman - 365-114-367 (harf2)
    Dutini - 187-688-154 (Filliad)
    Comeandtakeit1836 - 692-846-765 (Ben Rolo)
    If you play and want to be added to the list, post your Ally Code and I or someone who has control over this section will update the list.
    Edit: We have a Guild now, please see this thread for information on it.  http://dadshideout.com/IPS/index.php?/topic/15074-star-wars-galaxy-of-heroes-guild/
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    Mr Linford reacted to xJediDadx in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes   
    Welcome to the game Craig! I'll send you a friend request and add you to the list and get you a guild invite if Aftr hasn't done it  yet.
    Edit: Just got my Raid rewards for 8th place.  505 guild coins, 65k and a Mk VI holo lens
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    Mr Linford reacted to Ruiner in Dads Getting Grounded - Episode 074: The One With Chicken and Waffles   
    Dads Getting Grounded - Episode 074: The One With Chicken and Waffles
    Chocolate & peanut butter, biscuits & gravy, sweet & sour, Captain & Tennille, some things were just made to go together. This episode of the Dads Hideout podcast recreates that synergy with talk of kids playing house, land war in Chuck E. Cheese, rockin' the projects, and laying down the law.  Other topics include Final Fantasy XV, The Division, Dead Star, PC upgrades, Battelborn, the new mobile "game" from Nintendo, Daredevil S2, Godfather Epic, He Never Died (unfortunately), and... Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip? At least we got chicken!
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    Mr Linford reacted to LordOfTheS1th in TC - The Division   
    wooohoooo!!  congrats!!
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    Mr Linford reacted to xJediDadx in Dads Getting Grounded - Episode 071: The One With the Ignorant American   
    More TV then you can shake a stick at!
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    Mr Linford reacted to Ruiner in Dads Getting Grounded - Episode 071: The One With the Ignorant American   
    Dads Getting Grounded - Episode 071: The One With the Ignorant American
    Double you pleasure, double your fun, two Guest Dads are better than one! Dads Hideout favorites Chris (xJediDadx) and Craig (Mr_Linford) help fill in our hosting holes with talk of year-round schooling, commuting by bike, and toilet diving. Then it's on to grunting about Far Cry Primal, more Division Beta, Street Fighter (almost) V, Fallout DLC fallout, World of Tanks, Final Fantasy Explorers, more Deadpool, and a whole heck of a lot of TV shows. Call your favorite pizza delivery and settle in for this one!
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    Mr Linford reacted to MagmaFlow in Dads Getting Grounded 067 - The One With the Sickness   
    I want ALL THE FIGURES!!!
    Of course...'want' and 'will get' are two completely different things.
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    Mr Linford reacted to Kaiho in TC - The Division   
    On the top, select your game platform, log into UPlay, type in "AgentOrigins" (without quotes).
    You will get a code that you can use once the game comes out for different looks for your agent.
    Its free, why not?
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    Mr Linford reacted to Ruiner in Dads Getting Grounded - Episode 068 - The One With A Devious Dad   
    Dads Getting Grounded  - Episode 068 - The One With A Devious Dad
    This pre-69 episode fittingly features Guest Dad, Matt (DeviousMrMatt) of The 40Cast, who helps to wax poetic of why life is a highway, getting money for nothing, chocolate cake for breakfast, and work time woes. The Pants Party continues with the NFL playoffs, gaming headsets, Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Tales From the Borderlands, QTE hacks, and the inaugural Spoiled Rotten segment for Star Wars: Episode VII ***(1:14:25 to 1:24:25)***.  This episode is Dapper Dad approved!
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    Mr Linford reacted to Villid in Villid: Dad in the Spotlight TAKE TWO!! 04/01/2016 - 10/01/2016   
    Day 3, Job and Hobbies
    Well as I said earlier, I am the shipping manager for the West Marine East Coast distribution center.  My day mostly consists of making sure that everything that needs to be shipped gets where it needs to be, when it needs to be. And babysitting a couple of people who need a lot of supervision. It's a pretty good job.  Got my own office which is nice.
    With three kids I dont really have a lot of time for hobbies. You'll usually find me playing xbox (360 and the one) or something like WoT, WoWS, or Rust. Anything to drown out the sound of screaming children. When possible I get out and play airsoft. If you don't know what it is, think combat gear and pellet guns.  Lotta fun, and a good stress relief. This year I've gotten into collecting coins as well. Dont really have a huge collection, but you can swing over to the hobbies board and check them out.
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    Mr Linford reacted to Villid in Villid: Dad in the Spotlight TAKE TWO!! 04/01/2016 - 10/01/2016   
    Day 1 (sorta lol) About me
    Well let's see. I'm 32. Lived in South Carolina almost my whole life. I've got a live in girl friend and three kids between us, so its a full house.Right now I work as the shipping manager of a distribution center. Been doing that for about 4 months now
    I didn't so much find DHO, as I was drug over here from that "other site" by Joey and Damian when the set it up, so thats means that I have been here a while.
    Day 2
    It's family time! 
    So the family has changed quite a lot since the last time i did this. Now it's me(obviously), the girl friend, and our three kids; my son Ethan whose 8, her son Callen, who is 2, and our newest addition Avery who is 3 months old. It's been a long time since I had a baby around, so it's been interesting to say the least. My boy lives with his mom, but I get to see him pretty regularly. Me and the girl friends are planning on getting married soon, whenever i get around to asking her. 
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    Mr Linford reacted to Aftrthought051 in Be a Dad in the Spotlight   
    Thanks Craig.
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    Mr Linford got a reaction from Aftrthought051 in Be a Dad in the Spotlight   
    I can set it up if you want.
    Join the dark side, we have cookies.
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    Mr Linford got a reaction from SHOGUN08ss in Merry Christmas!   
    My Christmas has started so thought I would be the first to on here  
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    Mr Linford got a reaction from xxDerPittsxx in Inserting links   
    Well you select the word first then click on the link button.
    So there, I did add to the poop
    Join the dark side, we have cookies.
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    Mr Linford reacted to xxDerPittsxx in Inserting links   
    If I press the link where do i type in the ] "word" [
    I remember the old school way AftrI just didn't know if there was a button ?? Thanks Guys, not you craig. . . . you didn't add sh!t to this
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    Mr Linford reacted to soonerproud in Dads Playing Rainbow Six: Siege   
    I went ahead and picked this up this weekend on X1
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