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  1. My best in this new "seal clubber". Saw a video by Quickybaby saying how he enjoyed this tank with top gun throwing HE. He was correct..fun..fun.
  2. Fun battle. Just wished I had started to the cap sooner. 20190507_1729_italy-It07_P26_40_01_karelia.wotreplay
  3. Anyone notice a increase in frame rate from the last patch? I thought there was multi thread blah blah going to help. If you did get a bump..can you post your GPU and CPU for us lower folks...thanks.
  4. Guess I will go with the package deal as soon as the rental dies...6 battles I think....thanks for all the input guys!!!!
  5. Running the rental Progetto M35 Mod 46. Have a few days left in the rental but I am going to get one of these....fun, fun. Looking at the premium store the Progetto m35 is on sale for a few days..but they also have it bundled with the Lorraine 40 T. Do not know anything about the Frenchie tank. The line never really appealed to me...But if is similar play etc might consider spending a couple more bucks and getting the bundle...thoughts? thanks s
  6. Stuck out in the middle of nowhere....small town...
  7. Looks like a bit of travel in my future..any suggestions for notebook/laptop to get in some WoT..planning on using external mouse keyboard and hook up to hotel monitor..thanks
  8. shermi00

    BS Ban

    Just sucks. Didn't mean to shoot either one. A deflected round and a dude who drove in front of my muzzle.. Looks like the ban is short so...back to the battle.
  9. shermi00

    BS Ban

    We where both capping, a red was trying to reset us. teammate drive in front of me.
  10. shermi00

    BS Ban

    Just got banned. 1st time. For damage to team I believe. Watch the replay. First hit on an ally is on the hill. Looks like the target T10 bounced my shot into an ally. In the heat of the action/game I didnt even notice until I watched the replay. 2nd bit of ally damage, decided to cap it out. Enemy scout came back and was resetting. Teammate drove in front of my gun. End of match for me. Throwing the BS flag to WG on this. 20180917_1728_uk-GB94_Centurion_Mk5-1_RAAC_04_himmelsdorf.wotreplay
  11. Looking at my XP and free XP totals. Looks like I have little XP left in any/all my vehicles. Problem is the great majority of my tanks have the convert XP to crew training turned on..Do you guys have all your tanks with training on .?? .or just premium vehicles.. What is the best formula to train up the crews but still generate XP? Side note...going to be off work due to lumbar surgery for a few weeks..would like to platoon during normal work hours if anyone else is playing..give me a shout.
  12. Not sure I am for Wargaming playing with the maps too much..First I will say the new maps are great...However the tendency to flatten out the terrain is scary. The pool table effect is troubling. The actual able to drive on area seems to get flatter every update. We do have some terrain irregularities but there probably should be more..........early Monday ramblings....
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