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  1. My brother from another mother!! Get on up in discord
  2. I love watching these guys.. Some of my favorite streamers..
  3. Just started, looking for others.. Hit me up. NeoGP as always
  4. How do I get in?? I'm game for this shiznit!!
  5. but how about 1 million warning posts??
  6. I would love to see a normal sized person standing next to that thing..must have been HUGE
  7. OK, Because you are a junior admin, you dont need SH Commander rank, that is just redundant. you dont want to password the channel if you are inviting a legionaire. Create the temporary channel no password. Right click on the very top of TS "Dad's TS" That menu will allow you to create a temporary server password. This way you don't need to give out our PW. pm me or las if you still have trouble
  8. Please stay on topic, there are plenty of these threads around the forums for discussion or you can create another one in the ask mods section. Short answer, This is a community of dads first, gaming second.MANY dads come to get away from people that aren't dads. There are plenty of gaming communities if you are not a dad.
  9. Posted up in WOT general discussion. http://dadshideout.com/IPS/index.php?/topic/18150-421-teamspeak-changes-need-co-attention/?p=244910 Hope this is what they wanted
  10. Gentleman, and I mean that very loosely. Based upon the discussion found here : http://dadshideout.com/IPS/index.php?/topic/18121-teamspeak-discussion/?p=244633 we have modified some permissions and created a new channel for all to use. What we did : Part 1: There is no a security level called "stronghold commander" This permission allows the user to create a temporary channel and sub channels, up to two levels. ( channel, sub 1, sub 2) They can create these and place them pretty much anyplace within teamspeak. Ideally these will be used to expand the strongholds channel while those events are live. Again you can only make a NON password, temporary channel with this permission. So how does this work? Temporary channels remain active as long as there is one user in it. When all users leave the channel it disappears. You cannot password protect this channel. Any normal user that has the TS server password can access it while it is active. It has all the same rules as a normal channel. All admins and commanders already have permission to create a temporary channel. Part 2: With the stronghold ID you are now granted permission to assign a temporary server password for non-dho users. Let me repeat that, you are now granted permission to assign a temporary server password for non-dho users. This permission allows the user to give access to our TS server but will only allow one specific channel. Once the N-DHO is in the specified channel they are considered to be "normal user" within that channel. they cannot move out of it unless an admin/junior/commander moves them. they do not have the ability to move on their own. So how does this work? Short version - First create your temporary channel so they will be able to access it. Next you create a temporary password, specify the length of time to keep the password active, specify what channel to assign it to, click OK Send a smoke signal, warning shot to the N-DHO. give them the TS info with your temporary password and VIOLA!!! they should appear. When you are done doing your thing, you can drag them with you to another channel, kick them out, or give them a pat on the butt, kiss on the cheek, and see you next sunday. What I need from you. 1) I need ONE (1) post for each clan with a list of names that should be given this permission. I would recommend any of your callers, platoon leaders, etc. 2) You need to post in this thread with their teamspeak user names. I don't care what name the use in game, in chat, in life, on idol, or on this board. The only name that matters is what they use in TS and if I dont see it on the list they dont get the permission.. 3) I recommend you consider this permission carefully, you are giving out access to our TS server. Final thoughts. Hopefully this helps the people that wanted it. For those that never asked maybe can use it too. We are going to be monitoring this closely and if we see abuse or if other member have enough concern about what is happening it will be shut down and the permissions removed. Don't pm me, or the admins with usernames, dont tell us to look on another thread, or "they are just my normal officers. I want the TS username or they dont get access. We aren't going to chase you for the names or jump through hoops because you need to get someone on the server in the next hour or you cant fight and will forefeit. too bad, its just a game.
  11. @ Dewey If some asshat decides to mouth off and there doesn't seem to be anyway to boot him. the "MUTE" option is your cuddle buddy. Even if you are the only one with the problem, you can mute individual users, entire channels or everyone in TS.. Its good like that. I personally like the idea of an open TS server. All member channels are PW protected and and guests can sit in a "waiting room" maybe a 5 minute timer then they have to re-log. Just to prevent people from using it as regular coms. No permissions to speak etc.. TS has an easy text chat feature.. Bottom line, we are working on making some changes. Lets hope they help and don't hinder what you guys are asking for. There will never be a good solution that everyone agrees on for non-dho, so we will do our best to find the middle ground. I haven's yet, but ill hop into the discord channel and put my info up. my phone is at my side all times of day, and although I don't have access to TS through it, I will try to help if I can. (don't want to spend the $1.99)
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