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  1. Hey guys - I don't have my Xbox anymore, but I have a 1 month code I got from redeeming Bing points. Would like to trade it straight up for a 1 month code for Hulu Plus. PM or email me if you want to swap codes. Thanks!
  2. Hey Bobby, welcome to the site. Can you share your PSN please? I'll shoot you an invite and we can coordinate when you'll be on to get your league invite. I *should* be around this evening, at least on PSN. You can also ping Jaazsion, Devilry Zealot, or Necron Daark. I'm guessing you saw Waatu's bump over in the DCUO Sony forums, which is awesome :2thumbs
  3. Pretty sure it's another euphemism for cock blocker. Sent from My Mobile-Look-At-Device
  4. [quote name="Lunatyk" post="331827" timestamp="1396034962"] My wife swears that the two little girls calling me daddy are mine, so I think I qualify. :smile2 [/quote] Sounds good. Do you want invites to all? Let me know which one you intend to log in with first. We are doing AB tonight. Signups are open I believe, but if you are T5 and on later, and want to hop in if we have a spot, you're welcome to.
  5. [quote name="Lunatyk" post="331795" timestamp="1396026860"] Hi everyone. I stumbled into your forum looking up build info. This place looks perfect for me. I just started dcuo this week and would love to join the league. Psn name: Woedyn Sub lvl: legendary Mic yes, keyboard no, tho I will need help setting up voice chat. Main toon and role is a bit of a laugh because I am an unrepentant alt-aholic. Currently I have four toons that may become a main. I'm running all of them as dps atm, but I will likely try other roles eventually. Toons: Lunatyck - nature Vymes - gadgets Urushi - light Cupcayk - mental Hopefully there is room for alts in the league. [/quote] Hi Lunatyk, welcome aboard. Only requirement is being a dad - altaholics are welcome  :2thumbs
  6. I did see a couple of pretty bad framerate drops during the Phorid runs I did with the guys, but my system never crashed.
  7. This is fantastic. Its like woot.com for geeks. I'm in. Thanks.
  8. These guys are right though. He's basically paying GS for "convenience" in the form of the interest lost by using traditional banks. He could make a customer service call to US Bank to fix it but instead he puts his money into a vehicle that earns him zero interest? Might as well just put it under your mattress. At least then you know your local mattress won't go out of business potentially with your money in it.
  9. welcome, theres a handful of EVE players still (I was former Nexus Fleet myself but now a console player), and of course Titanfall!
  10. The coupons are a GREAT idea, forgot about that. Sign up for Enfamil/Similac too if you don't plan on/unable to nurse.
  11. Welcome. You've come to the right place. Being that young is going to have its own unique challenges on top of having a baby, so don't let it get past you that this is going to be hard, but you can and will do it. One thing that took getting used to for me was realizing that it's not "about you" anymore. That free time you listed, and the things you do with it, are not really yours anymore. It won't go away for good, but prep yourself for when it gets scaled back and you get the urge to do something YOU want to do because the baby/family have needs. This was a hard thing for me to get over and 6 years and 2 kids later I'm a lot better than I once was. Not saying you will be like me, but a lot of new dads get uncomfortable with this. That and don't panic over every little thing between you, your GF, and your baby. Like Aftr said, talk a lot, and be prepared to let stuff roll off your shoulders. I remember I would be so concerned about my first one because he had jaundice, and then because I was an ignorant dad I wondered if he was "ok" because to me he "seemed" lethargic. He wasn't, it was just normal baby stuff. I had this expectation that after X months he would be doing this, and Y months he should be at the [fill in the blank] stage, is my wife feeding him enough/often/too much/hes spitting up ZOMGWTF. Can't say enough how wrong I was about all this. My personality by nature is high-strung, so I know some of it was just me, but my second son was a breeze because I remembered not to freak out like I did with the first one.
  12. Welcome to the site. Your GT looks familiar. Do you hang out at 2O2P? Sent from My Mobile-Look-At-Device
  13. I can see how computer terminology could be harmful and offensive to the XBL kids gaming community
  14. Welcome... I'm guessing you root for the Caps? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. [quote name="Pinmonkey001" post="327856" timestamp="1394235257"] Ok so I got a vita. What games to get?  I have plus. No headset. [/quote] You can use any headphones; there's a built in mic. Download everything you can from plus - there should be like 4 or 5 games. There's also a number of free non-plus games like Jetpack Joyride, Eco-somethingorother. And for apps theres Crackle, Netflix, Tunein, too many to mention.
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