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  1. Holy crap Jammer. Look at that garage. No wonder it always take you forever to find a tank.
  2. Just wanted to show that the PZ 5/4 can still win a few battles.
  3. #1 for me [attachment deleted by admin]
  4. Win rate? Bottom line.... Only matters in Clan Wars
  5. Outstanding job last night and nice AAR Jammer
  6. Sorry to see you go my friend. It was great PLT'ing with you sir. All my best to you B6
  7. :woot Thanks for the heads up
  8. I love free tanks  :woot
  9. I love my T-34-3. It has a long reload, no gun depression and, long aim time.  Buy..... it deals out massive damage. I can shoot premium ammo all day long and still make money. Plus it gets preferential MM. No Tier 10's Worth taking a look at.
  10. I have a lot of scouts and med's so here are my thoughts. Scouts. 19D Passive: Find a spot and DON’T shoot. Sit tight till your light bulb goes off. Don’t put yourself in a DIP position ( die in place). Have an exit plan if possible. Active: Don’t ever, ever stop. This would be the only time I use auto aim. Med Tanks: Get to the likely avenues of approache first. Set up to stop or slow the red team’s axis of advance and wait for the heavies to engage.  Probe the line for weaknesses. Exploit opportunities
  11. I see there are 4 clans fighting for the privilege to do battle with us. We should maybe see if we can run a training group before?
  12. Keep me in mind I have Tier IX -  T54E1 and a T54 with 3 crew skills maxed Tier X – T57 and T62A
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