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  1. Seawalker

    Dads playing Red Dead Redemption 2

    XBOX-- Bane Seawalker
  2. Seawalker

    Post your workspace!

    Work from home. And yes it has a beer fridge
  3. Seawalker

    New Ships in Super Test

    You think I should I hold off on researching the Tier IX, or do it now? or does it matter.
  4. Seawalker

    Should I come back to SWTOR?

    Do we have a DHO clan setup in SWTOR?
  5. Seawalker

    Unlocking Computer

    I need ideas on how to unlock a lap top with windows ten installed. Got my son a new computer and he can’t remember his password to old computer. I can’t get past the password screen. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
  6. Wife is the accountant and handles all the bills. Why would you have your paycheck going into her account? Why not a joint account? Cheers,
  7. Seawalker

    New baby boy

    Congratulations, now the fun begins.
  8. Seawalker

    Black Sails

    Series final.This show was brilliant! Bravo.
  9. Seawalker

    What do You collect?

    Picked up at auction this weekend.
  10. Seawalker

    Mass Effect Andromeda

    Mass Effect: Andromeda releases today!
  11. Seawalker

    parenting question

    Without ever experienced its really hard to say how I would react. First I would try and stay calm than maybe get Legal advice. Child protective services. Anything to get full custody. If a person would strike some ones child theirs no telling what further damage he is capable of. Try not to make the situation worse by getting yourself thrown in jail. In reality I would be excreting my own discipline on the bastard.
  12. Seawalker

    Mass Effect Books

    Wasn't the original Mass Effect author Drew Karpyshyn or was it just for the video game? I read Drew's Darth Bane trilogy and enjoyed it.
  13. Seawalker

    Black Sails

    For me I think this season of Black Sails has been the best TV I have ever seen. Every episode so far has been so well done.
  14. Seawalker

    New Ship In port. :-)

    Congrats, looks good!