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  1. I have these out to my garage where I game from, I have 36meg at router and around 30meg at console so more than happy, mines an older tplink model so have to swap cable everytime I change from Xbox to PS but other than that I'm happy with the setup.
  2. @ProsserAuthor1 @randolphlalonde Will have reviews up in next day or two good Sirs, two damn fine books if I may say so.

  3. @bethesda Maybe time to dig out Rage for a replay........Ahh what the hell I'm doing it anyway :)

  4. Too funny not to share. https://t.co/Oc616X85Mn

  5. @KreelanWarrior Same the world over, wealth buys power, and the most seem to use the power to gather more wealth. T… https://t.co/QFDHO8tyUy

  6. Here's a thought, the public supporters of the left and right are tearing each other apart, family and friends turn… https://t.co/gk3deY72hG

  7. Downloaded last night, re-reading Resolute Legacy then going to get stuck into Crusade over the weekend. https://t.co/Qqzmeuo3vy

  8. RT @ProsserAuthor1: #ResoluteCrusafe, The Fall of Eventime has come. Resolute 10 is Live. Get yours today! Download on Kindle.https://t.co/…

  9. @TWindleN7 People need to realise that Bioware is no longer the same company, ME Andromeda was not as bad as people… https://t.co/sCnCE3AxoT

  10. @KreelanWarrior Totally understand, in fairness the weather generally sucks over here, cold and rain, even colder… https://t.co/hUFROwIcS4

  11. Sweet, Bunrout Revenge on Xbox BC https://t.co/Ybqwyk89Ti

  12. @Barre40077094 @lilbulli1031 @Airbornex82nd @DSanchez1669 @Golfinggary522 @ZibaLady1 @PurpleIsCovfefe Basically in… https://t.co/AqDtsAt62I

  13. RT @missmorenab: Gang’s all here. #deadpool2 out May 18th. @deadpoolmovie https://t.co/EdQQxlbLWG

  14. Today's thought, if I had to pick the two most underrated games from PS3/360 I'd have to go with #SpecOps and… https://t.co/iZVW7YbeER

  15. @KreelanWarrior Never read More in God's eye, but have read Lucifer's Hammer and Footfall more than once myself.

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