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  1. I'd like an invite if possible.
  2. Thanks guys, I have been so busy for the last few months that I rarely even get on the computer anymore but hopefully that has changed.
  3. Sorry man, I've been engrossed with WoWS. I was getting burnt out with WoT. I'll be back some time soon. Hell you probably don't even remember me.
  4. Thanks Mens, I found it and it is Glorious.
  5. I just finished the mission. How do I get the ship? Can't find it or the flags. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Yeah, last time I had to reboot my phone. This time I thought I was good but apparently I have 2 google accounts and I don't know what the other is. I was probably drunk when I made it up.
  7. In the old format there was 2 options at the top of the screen. One was new topics and the other was "topics that you replied to". Is there a place like this now?
  8. Gents I got a new phone and the dam google play won't let me in. I need some help please. Can someone please tell me what my HQ lvl is. Also my XP lvl. And if it says when I started playing the game.
  9. I'm not the smartest person, but I'm pretty sure he didn't say this.
  10. http://www.collegehumor.com/post/7025498/why-you-should-never-trust-internet-porn#item-11 I saw this and immediately thought of DorJammer.
  11. Hapa you have very feminine looking hands.
  12. I couldn't find that post so I was hoping that he would see mine.
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