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  1. So how do the gearheads on here rate this game?
  2. Thanks neo but she f'd up the part you plug into controler :(
  3. So anyone wanna play i didnt mention this before but i have a pretty good sized collection so i prob have whatever you may wanna play so hit me up and lets play (if youre worried im gonna be a downer dont causee i just wanna have some fun and get my mind off this ) thanks
  4. I only get 50 texts but you can send 1 so i know its you not sure why i didnt pick up sorry brains not working to well lately...
  5. Hey guys i need to do something to keep busy i have xboxone but someone broke my mics so will anyone play anything with me on the 360 (she missed the mic for that) i really need to distract myself feeling really low please hit me up dont care what game (as long as i have it) thanks
  6. Sorry I wasn't able to pull it together... :sad2
  7. Sent invites to the halo friends will wait abit but if no one shows I think I'm gonna go play some judgment...
  8. Umm ok I guess I can do that lol hope people show for me If someone else wants to host let me know (I'm quiet maybe not best host material lol)
  9. I'll join tonight if there's a host...
  10. Oh sorry missed that...can I get some one to delete this  :2thumbs
  11. Hey guys just saw that the first campaign add on is coming out next Tuesday October 16 captain Scarlett and her pirates booty...if you don't have the season pass it will be 800 Microsoft points
  12. So I turned bl2 on today and it acted like I hadn't played before it searched for bl1 saves and all that but when I got to main menu I was still able to play my level 45 character still had my guns so I thought nothing more about it until I went to get some more perks with my bad@$$ points and they were all gone still shows my progress for each challenge but the perks and points are gone...has anyone else had this issue? So frustrated right now  :banghead
  13. Got a purple assault rifle if anyone wants it...1088 damage,87.7 accuracy,7.7firerate,8.0 reload speed,232 magazine size,10.8% chance to slag...it consumes 2 ammo per shot oh its a level 36...
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