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  1. i still play BO 2, and i have preordered wwii
  2. they are raising the cap to 60, and i have been working on the diorama since i capped
  3. no they are all new TVs shouldn't need the box, i am going to check placement and the map again this weekend thanks everyone
  4. ok so here is the deal, we have recently gotten rid of our direct tv and refuse to go back to cable. we have been watching hulu plus and amazon prime, but they only offer so much. i have bought a good antenna, cables, boosters and in line amplifiers. however i am not able to get any channels, i was hoping for some ideas or suggestions on what i can do. i have a decent line of sight, may could be better any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. got an new job a work, they actually gave me the keys to a forklift, what a bunch of noobs LOL
  6. wildjack78

    ncaa tourny

    is anyone hosting the DHO bracket on yahoo this year or is it on a differnt site
  7. what i have noticed so far, this one reminds of the of AC1 in the climbing, if you bump a wall you are going to climb, which is a pain in the ass when you are in a hurry. during co-op play the other night, i had a seriously odd glitch, i could not die or fight, what we ended up doing was i would go to the objective and let the other player do all the work, still got the credit, but didn't do any of the work. win win for me if we have a clan on xbox one i would be interested in joining the group
  8. false, never really went clubbin, did go cadillacin the person below me knows what cadillacin is
  9. I Graduated from Murray State in Murray, KY. my emphasis was in mid to late 19th century
  10. hey guys, been off of here for a while, i have had just way to much other stuff going on. i can't believe how much has changed since last year. what is new with me. i finally graduated with a BA in History and minor in English, going back to school starting this summer and working a master i library science and media. I resigned my post a president of my local men's organization, no one reason it was just time. and most importantly i finally got my xbox one, just in time for my wife and to start Dave Ramsey's Finicial Peace university, ( which means no new games for me for a while ) but that is ok, i got three with my XBone and it will give me time to 100% them . so if anyone is playing AC Unity or COD Ghost hit me up, way out of practice but hey i was never any good any way
  11. finally got a twitter account (yes reno i have joined the dark side LOL) @wildjack78
  12. you can count me in as well and i have finished Call of Duty Ghost for xbox one. not sure how the points are working but i just got it with my xbox one bundle in early December
  13. so i finally got my xbone with the AC bundle, is anyone playing unity or are the glitches just so bad that it is not worth it yet.
  14. finally finished Assassins Creed Black Flag, now i have to go back and 100% it  :2thumbs :excited
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