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  1. I load 8-10 gold rounds on most every tank I have, but only use them in CW or when someone is slinging them at me.
  2. I just got my 277, CW Im in.
  3. Platooning is the way to go, you cant trust players with names like patton_in_my_pants. lol
  4. Thanks for the update and the work you put in juggernaut!
  5. Can be on most of the time except when I go out looking for the next ex-wife.
  6. Ok Tier 10 get your 140 then work on E5.After that most used CW T10's IS-7,BC,E-100. Tier 8 IS-3.T-32,T-54 LW,RU-251 Tier 6 CW T-37,Cromwell, T-150.
  7. 3 hours from KC, but need a excuse to get up there.
  8. Havent been on much due to work,life, ol lady and remodeling the house but my most disliked thing about CW 2.0 or whatever it is, no more landing tournys. One of the most fun things for me was having battles every 15-20 minutes. Which let you fight 3-4 different clans.
  9. Let the commanders decide in each clan. I also dont like giving the goverment money either....
  10. Leave it to WG to make things more complicated!
  11. Found a pic of his van when new. [attachment deleted by admin]
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