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  1. Well hello folks. I figured this would be the best place to drop this. I was active back in day during DHO's peak around 2014/15ish. I think some WoT burnout along with some unsavory internal happenings made me decide to step away from the community. But I do remember some great guys including Joey and I know they worked pretty damn hard to build DHO up and am a bit sad to see the decline in activity over the last three years. I hope the fresh leadership and direction will invigorate the community and contribute towards new growth opportunities. (I'm medically retired but I guess I've still got the business side in me... :P) I'm considering tinkering around with WoT again. I don't currently have the funds to jump into premium time as I usually would do... and I haven't had the discussion with the wife over whether or not I should play something that raises my blood pressure but I'm interested the same. I also wanted to touch base with the community as I've shied away for too long. I'm sure I will lurk for a little bit while I'm mulling over WoT. There's all these new mechanics in a game that used to enjoy just by blowing stuff up so I've got plenty to look at. I would appreciate a Discord invite if that's possible... I might lurk there as well... or I might engage who knows? Anyways, Happy Hunting out there to you all! Hal
  2. I've known of these Rock Sugar guys for a few years and they're great musicians at what they do. If you've never heard of 'em give this video a look. If you like what you hear you can find more info at rocksugarband.com. They're a pretty active live band if you live in the right areas. Of course, they have quite a few other tunes up on YouTube. "Don't Stop The Sandman"
  3. True actually... a day of moving boxes and furniture and incoming storm system will do that. The person below me was actually not into Gobots or Transformers as a kid. He was definitely a Robotech geek and probably liked the early MTV series Aeon Flux.
  4. I'll have to get a copy of the In Laws again... that man had me bowled over for an hour and a half every time I watched it. I wish him peace... it's sad to see him go..
  5. Aeon Flux (though animated), Serenity, and the new Battlestar Galactica........ all were cut far too short
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