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  1. Yeah right now none of my stuff is saving in the servers once I leave the game so currently until my stuff saves over I’m not playing which sucks cause it’s not a bad game at all
  2. Has anyone tried this game? I bought it for 10 bucks and its pretty kewl. post-apocalyptic age in 2084. Just thinking if there's any others on board that have tried or played this
  3. I heard the room that goes BOOM has been upgraded?
  4. Nice camel, Happy father's day to everyone as well
  5. where might i find such a lovely thing of DOSbox
  6. Does the 2 word game still exist on this forum?
  7. They are old but not that old, for example LotR battle for middle earth II cam out in 2005 with windows xp and worked all the way to windows 8 for me. My devices have been 64 bit as well. I'm thinking of running a partition on my hard drive and splitting it between windows 10 and 8
  8. So I have a lot of old games that I lovew and still like to play like LotR (lord of the rings) BfME2, Star trek armada 1 & 2 for example and cannot get them to work on my new windows 10 laptop. I've tried to downgrade my video driver but it won't and can't and i've tried running in admin and even tried running compatibility modes as well with no luck. They worked in windows 8 but after windows 10 nothing. Any advice from the IT guys would greatly be appreciated. Thanks
  9. yeah it was workign with me too then an update and it stopped working, pissed me off and my kids big time. Now I have to teach them about big corporate money and big dollar
  10. Welcome here and if you need any help with anything just ask on the forums and you'll get a response. Great place and great guys here man
  11. The star wars game expansion with anakin and that chick is huge, can keep the average gamer dad occupied for several days or weeks. The old stuff works good too and so does all the old playsets too so its got a great rating in my book
  12. Its a really kewl new upgraded game now. The tutorials are way better and the graphics are better though the skill tree does need to go back to the 2.0 thing it really isn't that bad, I'm liking it. The fact I don't have to buy another base set is awesome and everything from the previous version works on this version. its awesome.
  13. Ok i finally broke down and read that compatability thing and now I understand, kewl
  14. I thought the discs and play set wouldn't work from 2.0 to 3.0 as in if I just download the game 3.0 on my xbox I do or do not need the 3.0 platform for my playsets to work? The guy at gamestop said only the 3.0 figures would work for me but I would have to get the whole starter kit for all 3.0 things to work
  15. I want to but trying to see what's compatible and what's not. Is it easier to set up the games in the toybox than the 2.0 cause it was annoying as crap to set anything up in that as in making your own games defending posts and such.
  16. sweet thanks Platt, funny enough after windows 10 upgraded in my computer it works again. Don't know why or what not but I'm not complaining
  17. Wow 4 Pitts, you know there's a way to still have sex and not get her pregnant lol That's awesome tho in all seriousness, congrats man. Thanks I'm making it work, she's in a walking boot now so its lightened up a lil bit now around the house
  18. Yeah Tell me about, she's getting better and it helps that both kids go to school tomorrow. that gives a lot more time to clean up around the house and it needs it badly. On the plus side my wife's hording is being kept to a minimal with her int he bed tho we keep getting stuff from amazon lol. For the single dads tho its never ending and I feel your pain bro lol
  19. I just want to give a big shout out to all the single dads out there be it divorced, widowed or what not. My wife had foot surgery again and is holed up in the bed. So its up to me to take care of the kids, get them to school, do laundry, dishes, and cook. of course feed the wife in the bed but I understand what the single dads go through too. My only saving grace is being retired now so I can stay at home and take care of a lot of things around the house and now the kids are starting school it gives me more time and on the xbox. LOL but seriously good luck out there gents and keep it up I feel your pain guys to an extent
  20. Thanks guys, sorry this is late I was out of town for my birthday then stressed out about going to Disney with kids and wife. Now I'm back and getting life back together. Once again thank you guys a lot for those messages and always happy to be part of the team. Pitts, when you getting that closest online again for xbox one? lol
  21. So I went to play ST BC and for some reason now it won't let me play it. When I try to start it up and play it tells me that it cannot enable full screen mode and there's an error. Has anyone or does anyone know how to fix this. I've uninstalled it and re-installed it only to keep having issues. Any suggestions would be great
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