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  1. Both, can see the forums during the day when I'm not on my gaming pc and once I'm ready to game, I have a look over at discord for news there as well. I feel like much of the discussion I look at in discord is focused directly on games (much more active/interactive conversations) while on the forums, I look at discussions on DHO and life in general (and ocassionally gaming info)...you might say the posts are more focused on being informative on the forums. There are certainly a lot of categories on Discord so I do get lost at times as well.
  2. So just wanted to throw this out there that I moved back into the ESO space during the holidays and it's been a blast. I feel like there is so much area to cover and it has changed I believe since the old 2014 when I know I first started it. I will say that it feels like ESO+ (subscription) makes your life heads and tails better with the crafting bag, double the bank space, and for those that enjoy building out your own home (of which, there are tons to choose from) with more slots to create your home (plus, you can basically have homes all over to use as free travel points......once you buy them with gold). Anyhow, I've found myself getting lost in the quest chains that exist everywhere and enjoy how I don't realize how much I get through while doing them. Each location on the maps have their own story to tell and I forgot what it was like to actually have some story to go with the quests (I will admit that sometimes I'm just in the mood to just say "okay, next step"). If you find yourselves jumping back in, let me know @Gaarafield. DHO guild is still there on PC (albeit I'm the only active one) and I've found an old geezer's guild......I mean a mature guild of active folks that helps each other out that I can connect you with as well. Have fun out there and I think I've found a good MMO home for a while, if not longer (because ESO has some serious time sinks) while I take a break from WoWS (I found myself "grinding" too much instead of having fun with the recent goals they've had).
  3. While I enjoyed the ability to create variety in MWO with engine changes and mount points being more open, the limitations on a plus side keep me from spend even more time in the mech bay toying with builds (as if I don't already spend a lot of time there in MW5). As for lances, I try to keep a full mech bay (12 mechs) in MW5 so that I can put 3 drop decks together in combat zones and then fly back to the industrial zones to repair them all. Makes your time out more efficient to get 2-3 missions done and then fly back out. Any mechs you salvage with a full deck go to cold storage so you don't lose out and in a way, gain more deck storage as they keep their armaments in place. The trick here is that you'll need to drop one of your mechs on deck to cold storage (strips it of components/weapons) to bring the cold storage mechs out to strip down and/or sell. Question - given I'm in campaign mode, when I finish the campaign, will I no longer be able to play my storyline merc outfit? Part of the fun is the salvage and purchase finds so I'd hate to be stuck with the instant action which just gives you all mechs from what I've seen (haven't played it yet).
  4. I just started the campaign and only got through the intro chain, but so far, it's feeling a lot like MWO with the control scheme. I have to dust off my mech abilities as it's been over a year since I last played MWO, so I may be somewhat off in this comparison and have to work on my skills. I had a hard time last night getting myself used to turning the torso to spread incoming damage so that I don't get cored. Haven't played long enough for all of the mechanics, but I do know you are locked out of some of the customization that MWO has such as the engine plus, there appears to be a refit/repair time window ("days" within the campaign) for mechs so you can't just change them and jump in a battle. That's for campaign, so not sure how this works for instant action though. For me, it's a PvE game that I wanted MWO to be so I'm excited to see more and enjoy the various mechs.
  5. Good to hear things are moving forward in your direction, especially with the judge acknowledging the outlook of things in your favor. I'd be careful with the ex texting you in not letting one's emotions to help come first as that may drag things down the rabbit hole again. I made that mistake with my ex in trying to help when I should have just cut that connection off aside from dealing with my kids so hopefully you are a wiser and stronger man than I. I'd say keep to the facts and legal issues at hand as her life is in her hands to deal with as I'm sure you're seeing. Good luck and glad to see that so much is rolling in your favor these days.
  6. Have fun all! Wish I could go, but this is more than just a few hours away for me.
  7. I hear you on that and have heard much the same from the ex when she was around to split time. Some folks see it as a burden I guess while I saw it as an opportunity to help shape my kids how I see fit. When my kids were born, I realized I had the responsibility of these new lives in the world while I feel like my ex saw them as an option (of where to spend her time) and I suspect liked leveraging the title of single parent to have folks feel sorry for her. I hope that one day things will shape out for you and your kids to connect. I have a friend who had a kid he wasn't fully aware of ( he suspected though) who finally reached to him at 18 and he's brought her into his family so things can work out for the best in time irregardless of the intentions of the other parent.
  8. Great post Hapa. I can relate to some extent with my own experiences spanning nearly a decade of trying to be the nice guy and just living the status quo, but in my fortunate situation, my kids are with me full-time and someday I'll be needing to lay the story out for them of what came and went of their mom as she's not around any more (of her own doing). Next time you're back in Oregon, let me know and we can swap some stories as I missed you on that road trip you took after retirement.
  9. Regarding the sub expiring, I always immediately go into subscriptions to cancel them so they do auto renew to avoid getting caught by surprise. This way, they last until they expire and then I just get caught by the "you don't have access" and I can simply resub if I need it (when I need it, since it could be days/months after it ended). Still an awesome tip overall that I hope others will take advantage of.
  10. Great tip. Thanks for that as I didn't know about this. One odd note, when I applied the $1 and it turned my Live and Game Pass into the ultimate package, it seemed to combine the periods out (instead of leaving them overlapping) so I bought out some extra time like yourself into Nov 2021 on gold (I bought into the $35 sale over the holidays which had me a ways out + a year I just bought) while my game pass had 3 months left (from the last $1 sale they had for it) which then put my end date at Feb 2022. Great news that they stack, but caught me by surprise. One other note for those purchasing a gold year extension to apply to your current account (to take advantage of the matching time), Xbox wouldn't let me extend my Xbox Live subscription beyond 3 years (this offer matches up to 36 month for the ultimate game pass) so I was stuck with 2.5 years and an extra 1 year gold code that I will now have to figure out what to do with it (aside from save it for nearly 3 years from now).
  11. So was that one week with damage targets just a trial run? I've seen it go back to xp recently which means I'm not adding any value over in co-op land.
  12. So I understand the workaround to get credits if you own the tanks, but why are they taking the credit rewards away from these? Once upon a time, you used to get gold as a reward for premium tanks you own already, then they stripped that down to credits, and now you get nothing? Somewhat confused why you make it so those who got these in the past, get nothing now. Isn't this kind of de-incentivising folks to work towards the goal which then means less folks playing? I'm not saying credits are a great reward, but it's more than nothing. Bear in mind, I haven't seriously played WoT in years so I'm kind of out of touch.
  13. Does this then make it so co-op is a possible route to support the clan (for those of us that enjoy the world of things)? Seems like it at face value, but I haven't read through the article yet.
  14. Just getting back into SWTOR and boy it feels like there have been a lot of changes. One of the biggest is the server merge down to 2 for North America so that the world is definitely alive with folks (on Starforge at least). The level syncing of mobs everywhere is great for leveling as you level fast with just the class story (no need to do the side missions). With double xp this week, there are some areas where ops can leverage this level sync to quickly level up toons as well if you don't want to level through the story (which you should do at least the one time around on all the classes), but I figured getting to 70 means I can put that story xp to use to gain Command xp to get better gear for the 3 remaining stories I have yet to complete. Anyhow, the Dad's Hideout guild is still around on Starforge (I forget where we started) so if anyone wants to come back into the SWTOR world, let me know. I will probably be looking to latch some of my toons on to another guild that is more active given ours is a ghost town, but feel free to reach out and let me know if you want into the guild in SWTOR or just another soul to enjoy the Star Wars landscape with. I would offer toon names, but I have too many to remember as I can't seem to stick with just 1 yet so reach out on here first and we'll figure it out.
  15. The way they sold this on the warships side was to allow the devs to be able to give more premium time awards as I understood it, but there was a concern that this would lead to a separate premium time for each of the games and.......I guess looking for ways to increase their cash inflows was on their mind all along. I like the model of having an overarching premium time (and shared gold would have been nice....darn dubloons) as I've played all 3 games at times over the many years. I guess they might have noticed how folks would take advantage of discounts/sales in one game to use that gold/dubloons to buy up premium time to be used in other (I'm very guilty of this.....holiday box gold returns, warplanes beta rewards converting to premium time, warships halloween box gold returns from skins, and other such premium time/gold sales). This new way, they get you to spend your gold/dubloons only in the game you're playing since you can't buy the shared Wargaming Premium time with in-game currency, only the new Tanks/Ships Premium as I'm understanding it (haven't tested this). When they put the new Ships premium in place, I took that as a notice to spend all of my Tanks gold that I've banked over time (earned largely from when they used to have the Tanks fantasy league) on premium time since that would carry into the Ships premium like it is for the new Tanks Premium as it was going to go to waste for me otherwise. I guess I'm glad I did given their making this move now for Tanks if I should decide to journey back there for a bit. However, I don't see the huge benefit of the general premium time over the specific ones. Warships premium is 65% xp versus 50% xp bonus with the general one and this is just a 10% credit increase (bear in mind, this was always my bottleneck in Tanks so this does help). Also bear in mind that in game rewards for premium time will now go to a Tanks premium instead of the general one so if you want to keep a General premium, be ready to keep paying for it only. Given these are free to play games, folks can still easily jump between their games to try, but this certainly reduces the incentive to play regularly across multiple games which doesn't make sense to me beyond the financial gain they are trying to angle on. Sorry if that's oversharing, but that's my 2 cents. I was obviously skeptical when they did the warships premium and here we are with a tanks premium. I don't imagine they'll do this for planes as the population isn't the same (to game for more income), but who knows.
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