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  1. Gaarafield

    When you're fooling around...

    That's awesome Dewey. Reminds me I should jump back in and fool around for a bit. It was always a more relaxing game for me as I didn't feel the pressure to do well and when they threw bots in, I knew I at least had a chance to do something!
  2. Gaarafield

    Holiday Ops 2019

    I certainly like the gold value as it turns into the best time to get gold if you want it for Tanks (or ships) premium time and then wait for a discounted premium time offer. From the looks of it, you're guaranteed 250 gold in every box so you practically get back your cost up front before the random side takes over. 75 box cost $100 so you just need a return on value of $25 of gold from the random side to break even (which seems doable given the return by the CC) and everything beyond that is your gain. Makes me debate whether I should spend money on tanks boxes or ships boxes this year given these feel like they have a greater return on value. Then again, I have a ton of tanks gold from last Christmas boxes standing by to buy premium time over the next few years so maybe not.
  3. This weekend, it looks like you can get some coal and a chance at a Cossack by 5 starring the current Operation of the Week. Ran it a number of times over the last few days and I have to say that it's been a bit frustrating, but hopefully this will draw out players who have a better clue of how to not suicide themselves. Note that you have to opt in on the page to qualify while logged into the site. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/missthestars-hitthevoid/
  4. Gaarafield

    Battlefield 5 PC

    There's definitely a single player campaign. I haven't played it as much as I had expected due to competing games for my time so can't say much else. Like you, I'm not a high skilled player so 'twitch' based fast combat is not my style (maybe that's why I found myself favoring world of warships over tanks) and I keep hoping they reintroduce NPC based combat matches like they had in Battlefield 2. I know it seems boring, but sometimes helps to blow off steam instead of getting rocked by more skillful players (another reason for warships with it's Operations and NPC matches).
  5. Am I reading that right? Just a 15% increase? Will be interesting to see how they price this as it seems like the regular one is more advantageous given it supports multiple games. Now, if you said this one provided a 100% bonus versus the 50% regular bonus, I think this would be a no brainer for those that focus on ships. Then again and once again, how much is this going to be will be interesting to see.
  6. Gaarafield

    Games with Gold November 2018

    Thanks Aftr. It helps as a reminder. I have the Xbox app on my PC and just make it a habit to check the store there at least every week (for the sales as well) because I know how easy it is for time to fly by and miss things like this as well.
  7. Gaarafield

    Free Destiny 2

    I believe the clan crosses over consoles as I'm on the PC side of it, but I think the majority (or basically all but me) are in the PS4 end of the clan. Would be great to have a "clan" to play with on PC for sure!
  8. Gaarafield

    Buying a home

  9. Gaarafield

    Buying a home

    Nice looking house. I like that front covered deck to sit out on rain or shine (moreso thinking of rain here in Oregon). I hope it works out and sounds like you're in a hot market so just make sure you really like the place and don't rush too fast just to beat someone. Good luck and enjoy the fun of it!
  10. Gaarafield

    Dads Playing Destiny 2

    Got myself back into Destiny 2, but seems like I may be the only dad on the PC side. So many of you playstation folks!
  11. Gaarafield

    Down Goes Wonka!

    Congrats guys!
  12. Gaarafield


    Been down this path with an ex-wife who wanted others to help her feel good about herself. I tried being there for my ex and thinking I could deal with it, but all it lead to was an unhealthy mental state for myself as I worried and thought about what was happening to someone I cared about by another man. Plus, being in this state while also trying to be a father is tough as you need to hold it together for your kids too. Some folks can handle this lifestyle from the start as Damian mentioned, but if that's not you, then some firm lines need to be drawn so that both you and your wife can be happy (be it together or apart) for your kids and for your own health/happiness. You can recommend therapy for both of you as a couple and her as an individual, but one piece that you probably want to do for yourself is find someone/therapist to talk to just for you. This will give you someone who can listen to what you are saying/thinking and provide feedback to what they are hearing from you. It helps open your eyes to what you need to do for yourself for sure. Good luck and I hope it works out for the best for your family as a whole.
  13. Gaarafield

    BS Ban

    Haven't watched the video, but it's also possible in some cases where the teammate is trying to give you cover from the enemy fire if he's already been hit (decapped) or he can absorb the dmg to keep you alive. However, I've also been one to accidentally hit a friendly at the last second too so I definitely feel your pain.
  14. Gaarafield

    Should I go PT jobs to switch careers?

    That's good news on that local CPA. Sometimes the best changes happen over difficult times (getting let go) so I hope this turns out well for you for sure! Had the same thing happen to me and glad it did to end up at the company I've been with for the last 12 years. One thing I will say about my auditing time (and it's more seasonal on the tax side I believe) is that the hours can get a bit wonky as I was salaried and there were times when it was like working two jobs for 1 pay check, but I enjoyed what I learned and the people I came across during the experience for sure. May not be quite that bad with the path you're headed towards. With regards to the degree, I honestly see it in two lights: 1) it's used to get you in the door and 2) it may be required for some certifications depending on the state you're in (CPA license can vary state by state, or at least it used to). After that, the experience is what gives you the real skills. That would be awesome if you can get into that local CPA firm. Smaller usually means more variety in job tasks so more to learn and greater skill set growth. I hope that works out!
  15. Gaarafield

    Should I go PT jobs to switch careers?

    I can't speak to the part time part, but I spent the first decade of my professional career in the accounting world and will give you what insight I can. I do have a bachelors in accounting, so that kicked off my career in audit (different than the tax preparation direction you've done) for 4 years and then I spent most of the next 6 or so in SEC reporting and accounting systems work. Not quite the path you're on, but what I can say is that experience in my mind outweighs any of the "schooling"/degrees you will get so if you can get a part time gig or even an internship of sorts, it will help you both get in the door with experience and figure out if it's really what you want to do. My degree (as well as working 3 jobs outside of it) got me in the door, but the real education came from doing the work so if you can get a jump start on that via PT work, then grab it. There are a variety of paths in accounting to pursue if you wanted, from the tax preparation one you've done, to audit, to cost accounting, to basic JE accountant or even a bookkeeper. What degree does the online program offer (bachelors, certification)?? Have you looked into any certifications you can work on in the mean time to get tested for/finish education for (CMA, CPA, maybe there are some tax specific ones I'm not familiar with)? Good luck in the process and I hope you find the right mix for you.