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  1. Gaarafield

    Should I come back to SWTOR?

    Just getting back into SWTOR and boy it feels like there have been a lot of changes. One of the biggest is the server merge down to 2 for North America so that the world is definitely alive with folks (on Starforge at least). The level syncing of mobs everywhere is great for leveling as you level fast with just the class story (no need to do the side missions). With double xp this week, there are some areas where ops can leverage this level sync to quickly level up toons as well if you don't want to level through the story (which you should do at least the one time around on all the classes), but I figured getting to 70 means I can put that story xp to use to gain Command xp to get better gear for the 3 remaining stories I have yet to complete. Anyhow, the Dad's Hideout guild is still around on Starforge (I forget where we started) so if anyone wants to come back into the SWTOR world, let me know. I will probably be looking to latch some of my toons on to another guild that is more active given ours is a ghost town, but feel free to reach out and let me know if you want into the guild in SWTOR or just another soul to enjoy the Star Wars landscape with. I would offer toon names, but I have too many to remember as I can't seem to stick with just 1 yet so reach out on here first and we'll figure it out.
  2. Gaarafield

    WoT Premium Account

    The way they sold this on the warships side was to allow the devs to be able to give more premium time awards as I understood it, but there was a concern that this would lead to a separate premium time for each of the games and.......I guess looking for ways to increase their cash inflows was on their mind all along. I like the model of having an overarching premium time (and shared gold would have been nice....darn dubloons) as I've played all 3 games at times over the many years. I guess they might have noticed how folks would take advantage of discounts/sales in one game to use that gold/dubloons to buy up premium time to be used in other (I'm very guilty of this.....holiday box gold returns, warplanes beta rewards converting to premium time, warships halloween box gold returns from skins, and other such premium time/gold sales). This new way, they get you to spend your gold/dubloons only in the game you're playing since you can't buy the shared Wargaming Premium time with in-game currency, only the new Tanks/Ships Premium as I'm understanding it (haven't tested this). When they put the new Ships premium in place, I took that as a notice to spend all of my Tanks gold that I've banked over time (earned largely from when they used to have the Tanks fantasy league) on premium time since that would carry into the Ships premium like it is for the new Tanks Premium as it was going to go to waste for me otherwise. I guess I'm glad I did given their making this move now for Tanks if I should decide to journey back there for a bit. However, I don't see the huge benefit of the general premium time over the specific ones. Warships premium is 65% xp versus 50% xp bonus with the general one and this is just a 10% credit increase (bear in mind, this was always my bottleneck in Tanks so this does help). Also bear in mind that in game rewards for premium time will now go to a Tanks premium instead of the general one so if you want to keep a General premium, be ready to keep paying for it only. Given these are free to play games, folks can still easily jump between their games to try, but this certainly reduces the incentive to play regularly across multiple games which doesn't make sense to me beyond the financial gain they are trying to angle on. Sorry if that's oversharing, but that's my 2 cents. I was obviously skeptical when they did the warships premium and here we are with a tanks premium. I don't imagine they'll do this for planes as the population isn't the same (to game for more income), but who knows.
  3. Gaarafield

    UPLAY Names (AC/FC/Division 1&2)

    Thanks Hapa. Didn't realize the danger (and thus xp) grew with your party. As for gear, at 21 or so, I think purple gear becomes a regular drop (and comes from the level up boxes). I'm at 24 now I think and the whole leveling process has felt nearly invisible as I've enjoyed moving to objectives and clearing them (and helping out on other objectives along the way). This has definitely felt fun to keep moving forward. Also, not sure if you are aware, but you can drop into control points each day to reloot them. I get a good deal of gear each day from that along with crafting stuff, plus clearing out my donation cache that gives xp too. Will hopefully catch you this weekend and no matter what, have fun out there!
  4. Gaarafield

    UPLAY Names (AC/FC/Division 1&2)

    Ncooper and I have been online in the evenings (PST), but I've been running solo to get through the story to open up world tiers. I'm still a bit unclear how we get clan xp. I know the weekly objectives are pretty far fetched for the 6 folks we have in the clan now, but it looks like we can keep leveling the clan slowly with the cxp that is coming in.
  5. Sorry to hear Hapa. In all honesty, I probably would have done the same as you at the camp as I've felt that adding more fire to the mix solves nothing and just makes it worse so it helps to just step away. I certainly don't understand your friends reaction, but remember that you did what is best for you and that's all that you can control. Your friend is doing what he thinks is best for him so as Juggernaught mentioned, you can reach out and see if he wants to reconcile. If so, great. If not, step back and just take care of yourself as that's all that you have control over in your life to influence truly. One thing that my own therapist had me to do help clear my head of over thinking things (on my part) was to practice some mindfulness meditation. He gave me a definition I tried to focus on when trying to meditate that goes as follows: paying attention, on purpose, in the present, without judgement. I would basically sit out a nice park and and try to focus on being present and enjoying the very moment you're in without letting my mind wonder. I still remind myself of that definition today regularly to keep myself grounded. I hope that helps and I really hope you are able to feel better about yourself and the decisions you've made to help care for you.
  6. Gaarafield

    UPLAY Names (AC/FC/Division 1&2)

    The Division 2 DHO clan now has 4 folks in it so we can start the weekly projects and upgrade the clan over time. Everyone in it right now has rights to invite and what not so have at it. I do have the clan setup for invite only so we don't get random folks jumping in, but I believe anyone can request an invite as well and any of us can accept in the clan menus. I'll try to make sure I'm checking daily in case anyone else comes along and wants in on the fun.
  7. Gaarafield

    UPLAY Names (AC/FC/Division 1&2)

    Just got the DHO clan setup. Add me via uplay (Gaarafield) and I'll send out the invite (as I figure out how to do it 🙂 ). Update - invites sent to moboom and dewey. Ayleward, can you check your uplay name as yours isn't taking for me. One other note, FYI that we need at least 4 in the clan before anything starts working in the clan. Update2 - invite sent to ayelward2 as well. Not sure if you can accept those until you get the clan part open, but once you do, make sure to check for an invite.
  8. Gaarafield

    The Division 2

    Just got the DHO clan setup on the PC side. Add me via uplay (Gaarafield) and I'll send out the invite (as I figure out how to do it 🙂 ).
  9. Gaarafield

    UPLAY Names (AC/FC/Division 1&2)

    Gaarafield on PC. I started a few days ago, but haven't gone far due to real life getting in the way. Well, that and my partner told me I need to get to bed early so she can sleep since she's an early riser darn it. I will say that I've enjoyed it so far....died a number of times if you run into a fight without taking your time. I was figuring we could start a DHO clan in game, but haven't unlocked that yet with my character. Will see you all in game and have fun out there! Edit - just discovered they put weather transitions into the game as well. Was wondering out on the streets and it started pouring. Then started hearing the thunder...so sweet!
  10. Gaarafield

    The Division 2

    Is there going to be a DHO clan in Div2? I have it for PC so just wondering if there are others whereby we might be setting up a clan in there as I believe there are some benefits/perks to clans this time around.
  11. Gaarafield

    Update 0.8.0 - Public Test Info

    I played with CVs last night in coop where I spend most of my relaxing time these days (aside from Operations) and while I got the hang of it and was able to put up damage, I found it took what felt like a huge amount of time to make a dent in other ships, even with torpedoes due to the number fired each passing. Needless to say that with coop subbing in a BB for a CV, it adds more risk to coop as I found myself losing 2 out of 4 matches in CVs last night. In those 2 lost, I found myself facing 2-4 battleships at the end where I might be able to knock out one ship, but not without a large number of passes. I do think I need to use certain planes against certain ships and do appreciate not running out of planes to support the team (as I've done in a few Ops because I was just stupid). Yes, people can play stupid in coop (as do I at times just to relax).....it can be brawling fun, but I think they really should have got the bot side of things working for CV before rolling this out to make it complete (especially since they dropped Operations too down to just 4 Ops now). I know it's temporary, but it's their release schedule to do as they will, why rush it if it's not complete. I wouldn't want to rush any development we do at work for an artificial deadline if it wasn't ready (not that this stops certain top level decision makers from pushing this at work though).
  12. Gaarafield

    Ethernet Through the Power Outlet

    This is definitely important to pay attention to and why I have to have 2 separate sets of adapters to route my connections to in my house (one upstairs and one down).
  13. Gaarafield

    Ethernet Through the Power Outlet

    I use similar stuff as I found it way better than my initial try using wifi adapters on every computer. Router in my house is upstairs in the den where my oldest son has his desk/computer setup. This router is connected to one these adapters (cable only) which then has another adapter in my other sons room for his desk/computer setup. The original owner of my house had the router connection setup upstairs and then sent through the wall via cat5 (I think) downstairs to the living room so there I hook up the various consoles to the main TV plus another adapter (cable only), via another router that extends my wifi, which is then used with an adapter in my bedroom (downstairs) for my own desk/computer setup. I originally started with a wifi adapter upstairs doing something similar, but after some revamping of how I had it setup, I worked it out to use cables and dedicated routers for wifi which I think turned out much better (for my kids since I had the router sitting next to my computer then). I also recall the wifi adapter would heat up quite a bit and that might have been due to the number of connections hitting it while having to work to manage the overall connection coming in from downstairs via wifi (which really could suck for my kids at times). I think I get something like 100Mbps in at the router and 75Mbps in at my computer. From what I understand of using these, the loss you take going through the plugs will depend on the wiring they use (and I imagine, how old it is). My house is about 8 years old now so fairly fresh and new so your mileage may vary with older wiring. Here's what I bought for the cable only adapters (2 of them to cover what I have now): https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B010Q29KRK/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I hope things turn out great for you with the new setup!
  14. Gaarafield

    Update 0.8.0 - Public Test Info

    Have not played yet, but amongst the things I've noted from reading elsewhere: -No bot CVs in Co-op. It sounds like they get subbed in against a BB I think. -The drop of so many Operations due to this update is going to hurt my fun for sure. Some ops are just a pain while others are fun to me (when queuing alone) so now shrinking down to 5 ops (I think) is rough. -The new CVs that came in will have snowflakes you can burn for coal. I imagine this won't last long so get on them.
  15. Gaarafield

    WoT DHO Consolidation

    From what I recall, the the initial forming of DHO was from folks within WoT (I know it's how I got in here when WoT was starting) and so using the tanker emblem from WW2 seemed to fit, especially given it's history so it seemed great to me. Now, DHO spans a number of games so would a more universal emblem be better for World of Tanks.....maybe, but I'd think the tanker emblem still fits WoT itself. I don't think an emblem is going to give anyone a better scoop of who DHO is and what it's about over simply spending time grouped up with DHO folks and seeing the fun to be had. Thats just my two cents from what I've seen over the years in DHO.