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  1. Gaarafield

    Update 0.8.0 - Public Test Info

    I played with CVs last night in coop where I spend most of my relaxing time these days (aside from Operations) and while I got the hang of it and was able to put up damage, I found it took what felt like a huge amount of time to make a dent in other ships, even with torpedoes due to the number fired each passing. Needless to say that with coop subbing in a BB for a CV, it adds more risk to coop as I found myself losing 2 out of 4 matches in CVs last night. In those 2 lost, I found myself facing 2-4 battleships at the end where I might be able to knock out one ship, but not without a large number of passes. I do think I need to use certain planes against certain ships and do appreciate not running out of planes to support the team (as I've done in a few Ops because I was just stupid). Yes, people can play stupid in coop (as do I at times just to relax).....it can be brawling fun, but I think they really should have got the bot side of things working for CV before rolling this out to make it complete (especially since they dropped Operations too down to just 4 Ops now). I know it's temporary, but it's their release schedule to do as they will, why rush it if it's not complete. I wouldn't want to rush any development we do at work for an artificial deadline if it wasn't ready (not that this stops certain top level decision makers from pushing this at work though).
  2. Gaarafield

    Ethernet Through the Power Outlet

    This is definitely important to pay attention to and why I have to have 2 separate sets of adapters to route my connections to in my house (one upstairs and one down).
  3. Gaarafield

    Ethernet Through the Power Outlet

    I use similar stuff as I found it way better than my initial try using wifi adapters on every computer. Router in my house is upstairs in the den where my oldest son has his desk/computer setup. This router is connected to one these adapters (cable only) which then has another adapter in my other sons room for his desk/computer setup. The original owner of my house had the router connection setup upstairs and then sent through the wall via cat5 (I think) downstairs to the living room so there I hook up the various consoles to the main TV plus another adapter (cable only), via another router that extends my wifi, which is then used with an adapter in my bedroom (downstairs) for my own desk/computer setup. I originally started with a wifi adapter upstairs doing something similar, but after some revamping of how I had it setup, I worked it out to use cables and dedicated routers for wifi which I think turned out much better (for my kids since I had the router sitting next to my computer then). I also recall the wifi adapter would heat up quite a bit and that might have been due to the number of connections hitting it while having to work to manage the overall connection coming in from downstairs via wifi (which really could suck for my kids at times). I think I get something like 100Mbps in at the router and 75Mbps in at my computer. From what I understand of using these, the loss you take going through the plugs will depend on the wiring they use (and I imagine, how old it is). My house is about 8 years old now so fairly fresh and new so your mileage may vary with older wiring. Here's what I bought for the cable only adapters (2 of them to cover what I have now): https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B010Q29KRK/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I hope things turn out great for you with the new setup!
  4. Gaarafield

    Update 0.8.0 - Public Test Info

    Have not played yet, but amongst the things I've noted from reading elsewhere: -No bot CVs in Co-op. It sounds like they get subbed in against a BB I think. -The drop of so many Operations due to this update is going to hurt my fun for sure. Some ops are just a pain while others are fun to me (when queuing alone) so now shrinking down to 5 ops (I think) is rough. -The new CVs that came in will have snowflakes you can burn for coal. I imagine this won't last long so get on them.
  5. Gaarafield

    WoT DHO Consolidation

    From what I recall, the the initial forming of DHO was from folks within WoT (I know it's how I got in here when WoT was starting) and so using the tanker emblem from WW2 seemed to fit, especially given it's history so it seemed great to me. Now, DHO spans a number of games so would a more universal emblem be better for World of Tanks.....maybe, but I'd think the tanker emblem still fits WoT itself. I don't think an emblem is going to give anyone a better scoop of who DHO is and what it's about over simply spending time grouped up with DHO folks and seeing the fun to be had. Thats just my two cents from what I've seen over the years in DHO.
  6. Gaarafield

    Update 0.8.0 - Public Test Info

    Looks like 8.0 has been delayed a week while also extending some of the current events (PEF, snowflakes, clan battles, etc). Was set to be Jan 22, now delayed to Jan 29. Hopefully the changes to CV will be for the better, but there are certainly a lot of mixed reactions to it along with kinks that WG will need to workout. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/080-postponed-announcement/
  7. That's some serious background to investigate, especially if you need a contact at those old places you've lived and worked. I know I've learned to keep information in OneNote since it syncs up to so many useful locations and I know I won't lose it. Especially my kids info such as their medical record number, socials, etc. That one tool has saved my bacon for information I needed at the last minute so many times. Digital and in cloud are definitely ways to go with this to avoid losing in my mind, just need to make sure the data itself stays secure. Google keep is another useful tool I use, but more for immediate needs where I have shared lists with my girlfriend for groceries at home and other shopping needs that we both can see and update (and the random notes we write to each other on there out of fun!). Anyhow, guess I need to get to work on remembering every address I've been at since 18......last 10 years is easy, but since 18.....oh man would I be in trouble if I needed that.
  8. Gaarafield

    Laptop for travel and WoT..

    @Sizmic fyi, looks like they dropped that laptop from the lineup as the link says it's no longer available.
  9. Gaarafield

    Anthem - BioWare's Newest IP

    Looking forward to seeing how this plays first hand when it comes out. And will have to see how this fairs compared to The Division 2, which comes out a month later. I like the sci-fi aspect of it over the modern day stuff, but The Division has been fun so looking forward to seeing both I guess.
  10. Gaarafield

    New Warship Premium @ half price via Dubloons

    Yeah, I just read that on the forums. Definitely a better deal. Buy the Admiral's bounty from the shop for $50 and then go in game to purchase with dubloons. https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/premium/9378/
  11. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/premium-shop-december-2018/ One of the deals they're offering until Jan 8 is half off on the new Warship premium time ($48 USD for 360 days). All of the other stuff on there you've seen, but they just threw this one into the mix. Good luck and have fun out there! Edit - buy the Admiral's bounty for the same price, get 30 days of warships premium + 12,500 dubloons, then buy the year of premium for half off in Dubloons https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/premium/9378/
  12. Okay, so now it seems like getting the premium ship is not going to be that easy. The last week of missions to get the ship is going to require you to grind $4 million credits in 6 different country ships. If you have the Prinz, then you can do 5 of them at once as that counts for 5 of the lines, thus baiting folks into buying it more (to end up with dubloons equal to the ship value at that point). Some simple crazy math -> 24m credits @ assuming 250k credits per match = 96 matches x 15 minutes each (to queue and finish) = 1,440 minutes / 60 minutes per hour = 24 hours over ~10 days = 2.4 hrs per day I guess 2.4hrs per day isn't too bad, but that's dedicated time so I suspect it will take a bit longer and varies by your match income (flags, premium time, premium ships, and ship tier usage). You have 10 days I think to get this sort of grinding done for $24 million credits across 6 countries in 3 weeks. Seems they really want you to dig in or buy in. Starting to feel a bit of the greed getting in the way of the fun from WGs side (especially when you look at their packages to buy the Prinz).
  13. Not necessarily doubling, but in order to get warships premium now, you have to pay for it aside from your wargaming premium so in my case, it was to my advantage to use up my tanks gold (prior to patch) to extend premium since I enjoy my time in Ships much more than Tanks these days. Now, I have over 1,500 days of Warships premium that I didn't have to pay for instead of the wargaming premium (that I did pay for). Effectively, saved myself from having to buy warships premium over the next 4+ years to get the bonuses. Sure, I could have used tanks gold later to extend wargaming premium, but that's part of the point if you wanted to focus on Ships to get warships premium. Anyhow, water under the bridge at this point since the patch has come and gone. If you want it now, you have to choose which one do you want to pay for. Personally, I prefer the overarching wargaming premium as each game helped each other in a way. They were supposed to do that with gold and free xp too coming over to Ships (or at least there was talk of it), but that never happened so effectively warships goes off on it's own now almost completely.
  14. The benefit of stacking up wargaming premium time before the patch was that you got matching warship premium time equal to it. Noting that warship premium time is a separate cost from wargaming premium time, you effectively got bonus warship premium time for free so in a way, you doubled your money, but just for warships. .... Okay, so maybe that does sound a bit convoluted....
  15. It's a bit convoluted, but here's what I get out of it. There's plenty of time to complete the "In the name of his highness" event (Dec 20-Jan 22) which will get you the German Tier VI battleship Prinz Eitel Friedrich. During this event, you will get boxes that open up the collection for "Belle Époque". Where the timeline is tight for those that won't buy the T6 BB is with the "Mighty Prinz campaign" (which rewards you with T6 regular ships with special skins) as the "in the name of his highness" opens in stages each week like the Duke of York did last year, with the last stage opening just under 2 weeks before Jan 22. So you have to finish the last stage of the event and the "Might Prinz campaign" in about 10 days. The "Nerves of Steel" missions are a bonus for steel with the T6 BB and you face a similar tight window as the "Mighty Prinz campaign". Bottom line, I think getting the T6 BB premium seems doable for most, but it's the campaign and missions from it that present a question mark on time to get done (which is why I'll probably just buy it and get the gold from the event from finishing it since I would have the reward ship in port). Similar to premium time in my mind as a matter of convenience whereby I can spend money now to move through it at a more convenient pace or work with it for free to get the same, but have to work harder at the end.