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  1. Add me back in please. Playing on Xbox Uno with some friends from work but going to play on PS4 as well
  2. there are headshots on the aliens but not the blood spraying as in other games. I think it would be fine.
  3. LOL! Exactly! Hard enough to make one happy...
  4. So Ive been gaming on PS4 for past 2 years and have been waiting to get a Xbox One and finally decided to order the Xbox S 1tb Halo bundle... looking forward to exploring Xbox again since I was a big Xbox'er! Feel free to add me! I plan on picking up Destiny to run through that also and maybe run with you all and Pan sometime!
  5. that kinda sounds like a threat Peep... I'm kinda nervous now...
  6. So I am looking forward to the next DLC and haven't played Destiny seriously in many months and would like to knock the rust off. I plan on playing and would enjoy grouping with anyone who is on so I can get back in the grind. If you see me on, feel free to send me a message and join! Like a 2-bit woman of the night- I'm up for anything!
  7. I formally request a invite. Steam: Wconvery73
  8. I had it. Looked forward each month for the next issue. This started my interest in various gaming mags. Rereading it now reminds me of how hard a lot of those games were for me!
  9. Same for me. more of a reason to stay away from DZ...
  10. Great. It's bad enough running solo through the DZ with rogues all up in me, now I have to worry about being hunted by rogue ladders.
  11. I played through it again about a year and a half ago when bored. Really enjoyed it but unless they have added some secrety type thingies in, ill hold off until they come out with a sequal.
  12. HA! I got through the first change before I realized it was fake! I just thought that I sucked so bad that any elite could drop me with one shot...
  13. Me too. Seems to happen after I've left the ps4 on and it shuts down automatically
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