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  1. Hey everyone that remembers who I am! It's been a long time. I took a much needed break from gaming, had some health issues and thinking about starting back up again. Feel free to AMA!
  2. Not too much. Branched out my game library a lot. Mostly playing competitive Overwatch.
  3. Just wanted to pop in and say HI to everyone. It's been a while since I've been here and there's been some changes. I've been really busy with a lot of games including Overwatch, PUBG, Rocket League and quite a few others. Hit me up on Steam any time anybody wants to play.
  4. I wasn't aware of the issue.. That would be server persistency which causes that.
  5. I played it religiously for quite a while. Then servers were having issues with broken headshots. I've been wanting to get back into it again but currently fixated on Overwatch.
  6. If anyone needs someone to play with you can hit me up on Steam.
  7. Topic has been unpinned at the request of the OP.
  8. In the next few days there will be a cleanup of the stickied posts in the forum. There may be a little confusion at first, however, nothing is being deleted. It may move down the list quite a bit an be a little harder to find. Please be patient as these changes will take some time and will also be a little different than what people are used to. Any questions regarding this please feel free to contact me or any other Director with your concerns.
  9. That frightens me just a little bit.
  10. R10 480x is supposed to be $199 for 4 GB version and ~$300 for the 8 GB version. Some say as low as $230 for an 8 GB. Also, it's equal to an R9 390 in performance at half the TDP. This is just a taste of the new Polaris chips. a single card outperforms a 970 and costs less. I would honestly look for a used GTX 980 for around $300 if that's the route you want to go. 970's are already selling for $200 on tech forums.
  11. Everyone should be updated and should at some point respond in the thread. Please have all of your XOs come on and respond.
  12. Just reinstalled this and started playing the other night. Add me on Steam if you want to play sometime. click on my Steamtracker sig
  13. We'll get you on there. Nice to see someone from DHO(1) active.
  14. I need to know who is active and who isn't. Also, there's another forum that you need to be posting in with some discussion going on in it. If you can't see the forum then please PM me and let me know so we can resolve it. Only 1 CO has exemption from posting for obvious reasons. Also, if anybody sees any of them on Teamspeak then please alert them to this thread. Thanks Edit: Also please do not spam this topic or your post will be removed.
  15. I am locking this. This is not the board for this kind of discussion. Rather this is to be discussed amongst the Commanders. Amos, next time before making this kind of thread. Especially when you're not a member of the clan. Please feel free to PM the the appropriate Commander or Director with your concern.
  16. You can run them in compatibility mode and they'll work fine. I have lost of older games that run fine on Windows 10. If it requires a DOS subsytem then just run DOSBox and you're good to go.
  17. If somebody is stuck at reservist or recruit for an extended period of time then they need to contact their Commander or XO to have it changed. Also, you have to remember as a casual gaming community that the ranks are typically figureheads of people that are willing to take on the responsibilities. It does not reflect a person's status on the site. It is only there for clan administration. When you start taking things a little too seriously and monitoring post counts or active time, keep ion fact that we put real lives before anything else. Coot, for example, had some health issues and before talk of demoting him is brought up you have to put into perspective that he's been here since that site was new. Unless it's a hindrance for somebody else, I suggest contacting him first to see what his intentions are and see if he's willing to step down before talking of demotions. We've had this discussion several times before in the past and usually it ends up in people getting upset and words getting tossed around. Before it comes to this, take the time and effort to remember to be respectful before posting. Also, let's not start the whole "deadweight" discussion again. We Directors have chosen to allow each Commander to run his clan as he sees fit for himself and his members. We started a Commander board so the Commanders could compare and discuss it with each other. Allow them the opportunity to address such issues among themselves before we start a general post.
  18. Depending on your PC specs it really shouldn't do anything to the game.
  19. I believe there is a plug-in for the new forums for it. If not, I can probably code one over the weekend. It's actually not hard to do. I also believe that the TS3 post has been put in the WoT forums because that's what the majority of people that use it play. However, we can put one in the PC Gaming section so that those players know where it's at.
  20. If no response has been received from anyone after a certain period of time then they could be removed. Real life does take precedence, however, judging from the time they have been AFK then if they don't respond to attempts to contact then it should be noted and that person removed.
  21. I don't really see an issue with having an interim Commander considering the situation. As long as the person who took the position realized that when Texan was able to resume then they would have to step down. Of course, we would recognize them for their time in assisting with the clan and for being so generous.
  22. Selling my baby to help finance a purchase for my build. It is a Ducky DK9008 Shine 2 with MX Blacks and Blue LEDs. This board has been very good to me. I have another so, I'm liquidating to buy a GPU from a friend so he can meet his deductible for surgery. I am looking for $100.00 plus shipping which includes a set of laser engraved grey keycaps with red modifiers which have been discontinued by Ducky. These keycaps alone retai for over $50.00 and the board sells used for just over $100.00 If you're interested either shoot me a PM or post here.
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