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  1. I am apart of a new company that sells a ton of GW new and used stuff and to drive some numbers to our page I organized a giveaway of a 30th anniversary marine new in box. Head over and give us a hand in growing while getting the oppurtunity to win a sweet limited edition model. https://www.facebook.com/War-Game-Underground-2382430101783787/
  2. Club is setup and I left it public for now, Club Tag is DHOS and the name is DHO Shenanigans
  3. So would you like me to get a DHO club going? I am loving the game so far and is great for a casual racer in comparison to forza 7 for the hardcore
  4. Actually played through a bit lastnight and really enjoy the progression/levelling system. The way the cars handle and drive is also really nice for a casual racer as it is not as intense as Forza 7 is. Overall very pleased with it, but need more guys to drive around with. Any clubs started hereƉ Miss racing backwards on ovals to clobber guys I can't catch the normal way lol
  5. So was going to be playing borderlands 2 with my daughter and within 20 minutes remembered why this game was in the trunk and not on the shelf. The language was a bit too much for my 11 year old daughter to hear and after looking everywhere I could think of for other games we could play. Saw Ark was on sale on steam and looks like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World which seems really cool. Bought 2 copies today and now need to find a server that is family friendlyish. If any of you guys are playing or have a server could you shoot me a message or let me know here? Would love to get started today if possible.
  6. Just applied as i have been playing a bit more active on 360. Delta Ice01
  7. Just curious what everyone is playing, been playing a lot of eve lately as well as The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. Planning on reinstalling tanks as it has been a very very long time since I shot at Big Daddy. Anyone that wants to give these a try shoot me a message or reply here and I can shoot ou some starting isk for eve or with castle setup in The Mighty Quest.
  8. Huh, not to bad in the last year I only picked up 20 more games on steam lol Over the last 6 years, you've spent 613.1 hours playing this selection, which includes 123 items, is valued at $1841.95, and requires 680 GB
  9. Currently with the Uni, good bunch of guys and I have been learning a ton. Flying exhumers to make steady isk and my Gila for missions and wormhole diving
  10. So now that you decided to read this post anyway the reason I have been absent is that Eve Online has been sucking my freetime away in large amounts. Amazing game if your setup in such a way that you love to be challenged a an overwhelming mental overload of information. Also picked up a steam controller and have been playing Rocket League. With my new pc it runs most games really well and i may re-download WoT mostly because I miss shooting the crap with Big Daddy. Anyways that is what is happening and if you want to come and shoot things in space let me know.
  11. BTW if you go to ebgames/gamestop you can get used characters for under 7 bucks and discs/upgrades for around 2 bucks. Really really worth it
  12. The problem with lego dimensions is that I am pretty sure they have priced themselves out of the market. I was thinking of it right until I saw the prices and decided very quickly i will wait for it to fall flat and they drop the price in line with the other 2.
  13. If you mean Garden Warfare then I have it for the 360 and we enjoy playing it. Lots of fun and looking forward to the second one coming this spring.
  14. That would be uber stressful to be one of the drummers especially, if your out by even a tenth of a beat every would know it right away
  15. Grande Prairie Alberta, or as my buddy in the states puts it, just look on google maps and keep going north until you see the moose on the runway
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