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  1. 40 is when your brain gives your body a list of things it's not going to do any more!
  2. Happy birthday and congrats on being born in the best month of the year! lol
  3. A few years ago, one of my local cigar shops had a cigar rolling class that the AJ Fernandez guys put on. I think it was $150 or so and you got to roll 10 cigars that you got to take home in a special box they had made just for the class! And, they had a catered dinner that evening, too! So they brought boxes of the same tobacco they use at their factory and also brought their top roller. He did several demos and his cigars looked like you could put them right on the shelf for sale! We used the exact same tobacco and a lot of our cigars ended up looking like dog rockets. They tasted good and smoked pretty well, though.. I think I have a few left. It was a lot of fun!
  4. Like the title says... Anyone into cigars? I have been for a number of years... smoke 3-5 cigars/week. My wife even smokes with me! Funny story about that... I remember when she had her 1st cigar. We met at work and were on a business trip together (this was while we were still dating). We were in Atlanta for a conference... and our account rep took me, my wife, and another one of our coworkers out to a nice dinner... I think we went to Morton's for a steak... after that, we ended up at a strip club! (I think it was Cheetah's)... I forget what I was drinking, but my wife was drinking lemon drops. A girl came around with cigars and we all got one - including my wife (It was an Arturo Fuente, btw). We're all sitting there tossing back drinks and smoking cigars while my wife picked out strippers to come over to the table and dance for us. LOL! We had a blast! And she's been smoking with me ever since... it's a double edged sword because I have to buy 2 of everything and she likes good cigars! And by "good", I mean $$! lol
  5. Yeah. I have a few trying to sell Thrive, Herbalife, etc... one of my friends actually lost a lot of weight with NutriSystem and was featured on their web site and I think she had a video/interview, too... I usually just unfollow them so it doesn't show up in my feed.
  6. Hoax! http://www.ibtimes.co.in/hoax-busted-china-miner-found-alive-after-17-years-underground-fake-600068 While thousands of readers bought the story and circulated it, what they forgot to see is the disclaimer section of World News Daily Report that states: "All news articles contained within worldnewsdailyreport.com are fiction, and presumably fake news. Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental..."
  7. Unfortunately, I don't know much on that side of town except that you should check out Rudy's BBQ in Webster. Space Center and Kemah are good to go. I'm inside the 610 loop near the medical center and downtown Houston.
  8. I'm in Houston. Where are you going to be staying? The Houston metro area is pretty large. What kind of stuff do you like to do and what kind of food do you like?
  9. Refuses? WTF? Since when does a 7 year old get to refuse parents on stuff like their wardwrobe? So I guess this means nobody in the family is wearing pants? LOL! We give our 8 year old daughter choices on what to wear, but my wife and I define the choices.
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