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    DHO is Dead - Long Live DHO

    My gosh, I can not lie when I say this has brought a tear to my eye and make my heart sink and swoon all at the same time. For all those who where hear when the doors opened good times and bad times we have all seen. I my self have found my time here has become all but nonexistent and I hope to change that. I love this place and have always said it is my extended family. You all are my extended family. To the original Admins I say Thank you for this family. To the new Admins I look forward to what you bring to the table. I raise a glass and toast to DHO past, present and future, "May the Force be with you, Always". And for the trekies out there, "Live long and prosper".
  2. Prudence

    Any Citrus Park, FL or Rapid City, SD players?

    still shaking my head at this comment and it has been ten days since i read it the first time.
  3. Prudence

    Turned dark blue tonight.

    congrats. a little commitment and no goal is out of reach.
  4. i guess i take this spot for granted now with it being ingrained from CW. I wounder if it would work if we try a training day DHO wide with a specific map each week and use a first hand look as to what people find works great for them on what maps.
  5. Prudence

    Managing TS - Windowed or Full Screen?

    i have to second this, i can not think of not having at least two screens at this point
  6. Prudence

    Birth of the Titans

    I walked away from this winning "FUN" times with my fellow brothers in arms. How many of those top clans can say that?
  7. Prudence

    Changing your WOT name

    Have to give this a plus one
  8. Prudence

    This Skorpion Thingy - Tier VIII Prem TD

    I have joined the ranks as well. Just found out that you can use amazon to pay and the wife dose not look at at at all,
  9. Prudence

    Missing Tanks Warning!!!!!

    i think he means switch to another tank and then the one that was not showing won't even give him the icon in the carousel. at least that's what i got out of it.
  10. Prudence

    This Skorpion Thingy - Tier VIII Prem TD

    this post makes me all worm and fuzzy in side except the part saying i can not buy it. I have made up my mind and it will be in by garage. Just have to make up the worlds greatest wight lie, the smallest of lies, to tell my wife how i did it on accident and i have no idea how i spent $50 on a new tank.
  11. Prudence

    This Skorpion Thingy - Tier VIII Prem TD

    this thing is a money printing beast. I will be shocked if WG dose not hit this thing with such a nurf bat. if i would not end up sleeping on the couch for a year i would buy on right now.
  12. Prudence

    Sweden in WoT

    i am so getting some of these Maybelline The Loaded Bolds Lip Color in Midnight Blue Everyone knows by now that blue lipstick is the edgiest current beauty trend. Get people talking in this gorgeous, affordable shade of deep navy from Maybelline’s newest lip line. $7.49 (ulta.com)
  13. Prudence

    A change to the Wot Directors

    Not a lie it will be a buck cake delivered vea some gouts we keep in Daves closet. Speaking of which have not seen him stroling around here much
  14. Gentleman of DHO, I would like to announce some changes to the Directors seats of DHO. gpc_4 and SlyGambit are now our newest Wot Directors. With the changing of times and some of the directors also being global mods of DHO some shuffling has been done. You can see the official post here http://dadshideout.com/IPS/index.php?/topic/15960-please-welcome-our-latest-wot-directors-gpc-4-and-slygambit/ for those of you who do not stray to far from the tanks section of DHO.
  15. Prudence

    WOW posting

    Crap I thought this thread was long and dead. i here by change this thread to "why O why" would any one toon three togs and think it would be fun.
  16. Welcome aboard gpc and sly. Look forward to working with you both.
  17. Prudence

    WoT Clan Recruitment Video Contest

    is it me or is that ammo rack turning into "the shot heard around the world" type stuff?
  18. Prudence

    Hey, I turned Green!

    I have to say, i will never give up on how high i can go and no one should either. according to Wotlabs it will take me 16k games to make it to 51% wr so i say bring it on. Never give up and never surrender. A wise man once said "NUTS".
  19. Prudence

    Victimized Support Group

    So sry to hear I offer you a nice cold beer
  20. Prudence

    Training Clan

    also, we have a sight sponsored TS and you can toon with any DHO member regardless of division,all you have to do is ask. info can be found here http://dadshideout.com/IPS/index.php?/topic/15588-welcome-to-dho-rules-teamspeak-leadership/ it is open to any DHO site member and not just DHO clan members. I will pm you the pw.
  21. Prudence

    Training Clan

    welcome to the Hideout Major Frank. It definitely sounds like you have come to the right place. We have a few divisions that would fit your bill. Pretty much any of them except 5 or X. We don't have any division that is dubbed a "training" division with our set up. DHO 1 and 2 is laid back and pretty much dose toons or solo play. 4 and 6 will give you the same and if you ever get an itch to jump into a strong hold or clan wars you could scratch it in them if need be as well. To be honest i am not sure what 3 has been up to as of late and i would have to look my self. I will try and narrow it down a little more for you in a bit unless some one else dose it before me. Will will get you settled in and tanking in no time with your shiny new tags
  22. Prudence

    Wow... just wow.

    Just an FYI it only helps to hit the red guys and not "everyone". Just saying
  23. Prudence

    Lucky Kill Shot

    May rng always be with you. I always love those games that no matter what you shoot at your round always hits some one on the red side. Or we can stick with the aim mod cheater theory that always comes up in chat with games like that.
  24. Prudence

    Some of you remember me... some have no clue who I am

    welcome back Pain, how can anyone forget you and the Chop Suey forum avatar. Has always made me smile
  25. Prudence

    Birth of the Titans

    Sadle me up and call me Suesy, I'm in!!!