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  1. Tough call, on one hand i don't have enough time to really try out a bunch of games, not saying i wouldn't like to but. . . then on the other hand giving M$ more of my money makes me not want to do it just for that . . . . lol
  2. Hahaha, That's funny ! My wife will smoke with me, but mostly on vacation only . . . she's not to into me smoking, i'm at about 8+ a week which even i think is to much but i love it so . . . . I've been on a AJ Fernandez kick for the last year or two, he was such a cool guy when i met him at Cigarfest that i've been just sticking with his line. My goto is the Unholy Cocktail, right now i have a bunch of Mon-O-War perfecto's that i'm really enjoying !
  3. Bah !!! I use to have the game, didn't pick up he free one, and wanted the Vietnam pack, sadface
  4. I opened up a FB account about 8 yrs ago when i had my first kid, i stomached it for about a year, havent been back, WAY to much drama for me !
  5. I'm looking hard but i haven't had time to play anything lately so i haven't decided. . . . . .
  6. that is sexual harassment, i am officially triggered I just had too, it seems to be the new thing !!
  7. Makes sense, i was usually getting another beer during commercials too so . . . . . .
  8. Somehow i missed all those during the superbowl ??
  9. Well i guess my skill set didn't meet what you were looking for ? Congrats Guys !!!
  10. Lol yeah, that wouldn't go over to well !!
  11. I know buddy, i've just been slacking so bad lately with my gaming !!
  12. Times you get on and time zone brotha ?? I know your Ill. or something but it may help others ??. and if i ever get on i'll hit you up for X-1 so you can carry me
  13. Hahahaha that's awesome !!! Very cool of your work to have that. . . . so who won ?
  14. Omg !! I just lmfa so loud in the office !!!
  15. I'm all for Christmas, but it HAS to start after Thanksgiving !!!!
  16. Girls Gone Wild Russian Edition
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