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  1. Welcome back man, i member you Glad you got things worked out and youre moving in a positive direction !
  2. I haven't been gaming at all lately either . . . but i too love a good deal haha
  3. Rain lives in said closet, just part of the bonus !!!
  4. Too True !! But who knew you weren't supposed to ?????? The person below me is ready for a beer !
  5. Wow, well that sounds like a special birthday
  6. Not much, but i think just enough for that ride !!
  7. Haha even as a joke, i don't think i could drive down the street like that !!
  8. You better know another Dave MFer !!!!!
  9. Haha thanks guys. . . it was an interesting day, i worked in the morning 5:30am to 12:30pm 7hr day because we had a sewer tie-in going on that night and the superintendent wanted me to be there as it was kinda high profile so i said sure, forgetting it was my birthday. . . anyway went home after working until 12:30 and thought i'd stay up until 3pm then go to sleep around then and sleep until 10pm as we were going to start at 11pm. I laid down at 3 couldn't sleep, wife and kids got home around 4 and by 4:30 i figured i'd just get up with all the noise ! went back to bed at 7pm to try and get
  10. Welcome back man, hope things do get back to "normal" for ya !!
  11. Hahahaha funny, then i thought of my daughters . . . . . . . .
  12. Oh man that sounds epic, i wish they would do something like that around here !!!!
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