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  1. xxDerPittsxx

    Back after being away

    Welcome back man, i member you Glad you got things worked out and youre moving in a positive direction !
  2. xxDerPittsxx

    Devastating Family Crisis

    Pretty late here but prayers are headed to Terry and your family !
  3. xxDerPittsxx

    So many Games

    I haven't been gaming at all lately either . . . but i too love a good deal haha
  4. xxDerPittsxx

    2017 Moose Hunt

    NICE Lothar ! I missed out on Deer Season thiis year, actually a couple weeks left but i'll have family out for Thanksgiving here soon ! But i do go out this weekend trying to get a Turkey !!
  5. xxDerPittsxx


    Great To Hear man !!
  6. xxDerPittsxx

    no topic

  7. xxDerPittsxx

    A Random Question

    Rain lives in said closet, just part of the bonus !!!
  8. Loved ODST ! I got the collection too and CE was a blast on the bone
  9. xxDerPittsxx

    Person Below You game

    Too True !! But who knew you weren't supposed to ?????? The person below me is ready for a beer !
  10. xxDerPittsxx

    no topic

    Totally Agree !!
  11. xxDerPittsxx

    Curiosity nearly killed the cat...

    Hahaha oh man !!!
  12. xxDerPittsxx

    Shotgun Light?

    Yeah i just saw it now that you said Mav 88 that should work fine !!! lol
  13. xxDerPittsxx

    Shower Curtain Debate

    Ah hahahahahahahahaha That's epic !!!!
  14. xxDerPittsxx

    Shotgun Light?

    Amazon Midway USA Cheaper than Dirt I think this may be the one i got ??? Those are all for a Mossberg 500 but you can find the same for whatever you have
  15. xxDerPittsxx

    Shotgun Light?

    if your talking about the picatinny rail i have my sight on its only $8 on amazon and you can find it cheaper online