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  1. Airbornebob

    What are you currently reading?

    L. Ron Hubbard's "crowning" achievement??!! I found the book even harder to read than watching the movie....
  2. Airbornebob

    Avengers: End Game - Trailers

    I'm hyperventilating!!! April is too far away!!....
  3. Airbornebob

    Free Destiny 2

    I joined DHO Clan with no problems...seems to be plenty to conduct some co-op play.. Im also at level 20 after three days
  4. Airbornebob

    Free Destiny 2

    I dl'd last night..looks fun so far!!
  5. Airbornebob

    Buying a home

    On the bright side, getting the "addendum" to your divorce decree will protect you later down the line if your ex decides that she wants back child support from the date you retired. THe notarized agreement would not protect you in some courts, so this is a good thing.
  6. Airbornebob

    Buying a home

    strange rule...here in TN I just had to show proof of coverage, and Insurance is taken out of escrow once a year.
  7. Airbornebob

    New DHO Logos - Need Input!

    I like the second Orange one...
  8. Airbornebob

    Buying a home

    Sorry to hear that Chris... well, better opportunities await!!
  9. Airbornebob

    Found this while out driving around today!!

    try resizing them to under 1024
  10. Airbornebob

    Japanese Commander Uniform

    Went to the AAF Armor Museum in Danville, Va last weekend, and along with countless pieces of armor, there was an extensive uniform collection...look familiar??!!
  11. Airbornebob

    Found this while out driving around today!!

    Went to the AAF Tank Museum this weekend in Danville, VA (Visiting family there) VERY interesting and large exhibit, with over 120 vehicles..
  12. Airbornebob

    Blog Name Contest!

    The Good The Dad and The Ugly
  13. Airbornebob

    Blog Name Contest!

    "Hey. We're bloggin here!" The Dad blog Everything You Wanted to Know About Dads, but were afraid to ask. Honey, Where did I leave the Blog?! Shhhh...Dads Blogging Again! Doing the Dad Thing, and other Secret Stuff
  14. Airbornebob

    Hapa is Twitch Affiliated!