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  1. Airbornebob

    Buying a home

    Sorry to hear that Chris... well, better opportunities await!!
  2. Airbornebob

    Found this while out driving around today!!

    try resizing them to under 1024
  3. Airbornebob

    Japanese Commander Uniform

    Went to the AAF Armor Museum in Danville, Va last weekend, and along with countless pieces of armor, there was an extensive uniform collection...look familiar??!!
  4. Airbornebob

    Found this while out driving around today!!

    Went to the AAF Tank Museum this weekend in Danville, VA (Visiting family there) VERY interesting and large exhibit, with over 120 vehicles..
  5. Airbornebob

    Blog Name Contest!

    The Good The Dad and The Ugly
  6. Airbornebob

    Blog Name Contest!

    "Hey. We're bloggin here!" The Dad blog Everything You Wanted to Know About Dads, but were afraid to ask. Honey, Where did I leave the Blog?! Shhhh...Dads Blogging Again! Doing the Dad Thing, and other Secret Stuff
  7. Airbornebob

    Hapa is Twitch Affiliated!

  8. Airbornebob

    Craft beer heads.

    Was at a Japan Fest in Memphis yesterday and try this IPA, very nice with a hint of ginger and orange
  9. S1E5: A. Nice reverb! B. Captain Marvel is similar to DC's Green Lantern, as they both are members of an Interstellar Police force. After the low performing Solo, it is no wonder Disney has placed the brakes on future Star Wars movies. C. During the Lucas age. the saga was threaded out along 18+ years... building up anticipation and hyping up clan bases around the world. D. The parenting question: Trust but verify, initially trust what your child tells you, but check other sources.... E. Talk is out there about a Howard the Duck reboot https://comicbook.com/marvel/2018/09/23/marvel-studios-loved-lea-thompson-howard-the-duck-reboot-pitch/
  10. Airbornebob

    Buying a home

    As a member of USAA, go to their website and under ADVICE look the articles about home buying. These are very helpful and provide some good info about the process. https://www.usaa.com/inet/wc/advice-real-estate-homebuying?wa_ref=pri_global_advice_homebuying_main
  11. Airbornebob

    DHO-X Officer Changes

  12. Airbornebob

    Captain Marvel - First Trailer

    Interesting to see a younger Nick Fury and Agent Coulson..... It's going to be the lead-in origin story to Avengers Infinity Wars II...Yea!
  13. Airbornebob


    Using a variety of Aslains various mods.....
  14. Airbornebob


    Must be one of Hitler's secret V Weapons........
  15. Airbornebob

    Elder Scrolls Online- FREE TO PLAY

    In case you haven't heard, ESO is now free to play. I know at one time there was a guild for DHO, anyone interested in getting the Band back together???