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  1. thanx for the replies sent ya guys friend requests in game WOT ID is cking949 had to work a bit of OT the las t few nights not getttin on till bout 1am hopefully we'll be able to get a platoon going in the next few days
  2. Hey guy Since im back working afternoons/nights Im looking to see if theres any other night owls lookin to set up a regular platoon/grind group. i usually get off work at 10pm cst and usually getting on line around midnight central time. If anyone is interested let me know here or in game
  3. Cking949

    Im back

    Sorry I haven't been around for a awhile had some real life issues going down with work and my puter took a dump on me finally got a new one so Im glad to be back in game and blowing this up. Its good to see a lot of familiar faces still around. If im in game and anyone is lookin for a some one for platoons or anything going on hit me up im almost always down for a good time CK
  4. Not sure if anyone else saw this figured I'd post it http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/460357-premium-tanks-for-mission-compensation-changes/#topmost
  5. Great money maker... Guns a bit underpowered against 9's and 10's but great ROF and Acc. also an Arty magnet
  6. LMAO have done something similar... My partner is Hispanic and during warrant arrests sometimes they would talk to him in spanish and after a few minutes i would yell "DId he just call me a poopchute?" some of the looks were priceless..cant do that poop anymore to many camera's
  7. Not going to get in to ARTY should be removed from the game fight. but as some one who plays Arty mostly because not only do i like it but its the only class i can play comfortably with only one working arm/hand. the only comment i will make is the people who say arty takes no skill need to actually try it not just drop a few matches in BUT ACTUALLY take the time to do it it right. A good Arty player can take a Losing team to a win simply by positioning. you can just think 1-2 shots but 5-10 shot ahead watch were your team goes and more importantly were they DONT go. and arty doesnt work with out a good scout. otherwise its simply a TD with a RNG alpha and crappy depression. and in Pubs as a arty player just plan on dying in 80-85% of your matches.
  8. LMAO great clip from the end credits of Super Troopers!..There have been days that movie could have been made about me and my partner
  9. Can i get a Invite for my sons account aking66 Thanx, CK
  10. Might be the Best WOT replay ive seen uXeQi5rYYBE
  11. Happy Fathers Day to All and to All a Good Beer
  12. I listen to just about anything But i will admit when im a little jacked up from work play tanks to Metallica Blackened or Harvester of Sorrows is Kinda Awsome
  13. Yeah Including some of the stuff about Jammer you cant Unsee Good Luck man
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