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  1. I got mine a couple days after they began shipping and appearing in stores. My daughter and I are having an absolute blast with it! Anyone here have one? If so, what do you use it for?
  2. Teaser trailer here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=adzYW5DZoWs
  3. I haven't been following this development all that closely over the past couple of years, but I just received an email on this game touting land claiming... https://chroniclesofelyria.com/forum/topic/30960/Domain-Settlement-Selection-begins-April-29th?utm_source=Chronicles+of+Elyria+Newsletter&utm_campaign=0fe07e9e3d-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_04_09_12_10&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_2f2b63e1f6-0fe07e9e3d-139296545
  4. Meh... I'd be very surprised if any of the more sensitive information was sold off. Word of that would have gotten out long before now. As for things like address and phone number? Pfft.. that stuff is out there from 40 gazillion other sources already (google, amazon, anyone?). When I switched to HR's system years ago I never noticed (and I pay attention to these things) any sort of uptick in advertising/spam coming my way.
  5. HR Block IS free... Turbotax I had to pay for the software, Both of them I have to pay to file one of the two (state or fed), can't recall which. Our taxes aren't complex enough to need to pay someone to prepare them for me.
  6. I had be using Turbotax for quite a few years until about 6 years ago I tried it with both Turbotax and HR Block's online software.... HR Block actually got me more of a refund (around $70 or more if I recall), so I've been using HR Block since then.
  7. I hadn't heard of this ad until I saw it here (I'm absolutely not on social media at all). IMO, one reason it's getting so much play is that it attempts to latch on to the "attack on men" that IS occurring in society today. Speaking strictly in a gender sense (ignoring any issues of race), men are under attack, plain and simple. We're told it's "wrong" to be a man. We're told men are the cause of all/most evil in the world. We're told that almost literally anything a man does can be, and is, seen as a "bad" action. (a very easy example is as posted in a reply here, holding a door for a woman got him glared at). Vocal and outspoken "Mens groups" are blasted as being horrible ideas, etc., etc. Conversely, at the same time as women are demanding equality and fairness (a legit demand), they're also telling us that they're the "universal victim" when it comes to men. I have some single male friends who are legitimately afraid to approach a woman they might be interested in due to the stigma associated with her being female and him being male (evil). I have male co-workers who walk around the office at times seemingly looking over their shoulders in fear of being overheard by a woman saying the "wrong" thing (even though there's nothing actually "wrong" with what's being said). A simple *accusation* against a man of something inappropriate is typically enough to immediately ruin his reputation for good, if not his entire life. A similar *accusation* against a woman and the common response is "Well, we should wait until all the facts come out". Men certainly are under "under attack" of sorts these days... and I'm hoping that it doesn't get worse before it gets better, if nothing else for the sake of my two teen daughters having to grow up in such a ridiculous world.
  8. 68 gb of free hard drive space? Dang....😭
  9. Just a comment about paying for flood insurance.... Around here, "flood" insurance only actually covers damage due to *natural* causes. i.e. - an actual flood. (from heavy rains, etc). It does *not* cover if you water heater craps out and floods the basement, it doesn't cover if your second floor toilet springs a big leak and leaks all weekend while you're away, ruining the floors below it and flooding the basement, etc. So unless the house you're looking at actually sits in a flood plain, I'd skip any insurance that only covers natural flooding. The kind that covers man-made issues like I mentioned above.. I've never bought it, never needed it (knock on wood). So that one is up to you. (more important if there's things of value on the lowest level of the house)
  10. For the most part around here, houses have accepted offers before they even hit the MLS listing service, and typically for asking price (or higher). It's been that way for a good year or more. The best way around here, with the market this fast, is to find a realtor who has connections and can find you a place before it actually is listed for sale.
  11. I'm a bit late to this... Lots of good advice for finding/choosing a home so far here already. Once you find a home and you're writing up the offer, just remember that *everything* is negotiable. Especially on a house that's been on the market for 3 months in the current market. (houses that are appropriately priced usually don't last more than two - three weeks on the market in the current seller's market) If your inspection finds out the roof could stand to be replaced, write that into your offer. Carpets are crap? Write that into your offer. Anything and everything is up for negotiation when writing your offer. I hear of friends all the time who don't realize that when buying their first house. It can save you tons of bucks at purchase time.
  12. The wife and I saw this opening weekend. She was a bit ho-hum about it going in, as she wasn't sure she'd be able to get into the character-based side-movies. We both came out of it having thoroughly enjoyed it!
  13. Going about fixing / upgrading a municipality's water supply can be an expensive process (the company I work for does these types of project all the time). But if it's been an issue for a long time then yeah, you'd think they'd want it fixed by now.
  14. I've always had water softeners in the house, even when I was on city water (I have a well now). They aren't the cheapest thing in the world, but worth it in my opinion.
  15. Ah, my bad. I missed that you are on city water. Yeah, then that call to the municipal water treatment facility will get you on the right track with respect to what's probably in your water (since the softener companies are so far away). Is it a possibility to remove one of the pipes early on in the system and check for degradation inside the pipe? (taking shots in the dark here) Maybe that's contributing to what you're seeing at the faucet, etc?
  16. Have you had your water tested by a couple local professionals? When we built our house I had two local companies come out and test our well water, they both did it for free (since they were vying for the water softener install business). They can tell you exactly what's in your water supply.
  17. If your goal is to keep the pipe, fittings, and fixtures from suffering the results of hardness of your water, you'll want a whole-home softener. Also, if you have external hose hookups (for watering lawn, washing car, etc) give some thought to if you want those fixtures hooked up to the softened water or not (softened water isn't necessarily good for lawns, etc., but can keep a car washed with it from spotting up as badly) before it gets installed.
  18. I paid for this game over a year ago. Downloaded it the day it came out. Steam says I have about 40 minutes in the game so far... unfortunately, all 40 of those minutes have been spent unsuccessfully trying to get the game to run :-\
  19. I played it a bit last night and had a blast with it. I think I have a grand total of 8 battles under my belt (lol), but I'll see if I can figure out how to look you up in game after tonight's maintenance is done.
  20. Installing it right now and I'll give it a try tomorrow night :)
  21. I got into a game called "Rising World" a couple weeks ago. It's like a grown-up version of minecraft (from what I'm told. I never played minecraft). https://www.rising-world.net/ It's pre-release, and supports "plugins" (rather than your typical "mods"). I've been absolutely hooked on it. Pretty realistic graphics, you can construct just about anything you can dream up. No zombies or any of that stuff. Currently there's aggressive wildlife in-game, and this is planned to be expanded (AI hunters too, I think). You can play pvp or non-pvp too. They're adding stuff as the development goes along, and the multiplayer servers have some simply incredible creations by other players (you can "blueprint" anything you build at take it to another server / "world" / map, or upload/download to the forums. If you check it out, look up the Rosalia server, that's where I've staked my claim.
  22. So, you and your wife signed this out-of-the-blue contract? Or is it not signed yet? But yeah, it' seems incredibly suspicious... especially the part about the third party paying even more above the asking price. Something doesn't add up here. Somewhere in a typical home sale contract it should state what the terms are; what penalty (if any) of backing out of the contract, etc. I'm not sure where you're located, but the houses I've sold I've never needed an attorney at all, but in this case, if the contract is legit, you may need one.
  23. I picked this game up last weekend and have been having an absolute blast with it. I loved the original Baldur's Gate game and this one brings me back to the flavor of that game. (I've been staying up wayyyy too late every night this week playing it)
  24. So... many... acronyms....
  25. I've been gradually replacing our old regular bulbs with LED bulbs since we built the house 5 years ago. My wife works at a large electric supply company, so we get our bulbs (and batteries) for lower than contractor discount prices, so price isn't an option. I just don't like having a ton of old style bulbs go to waste, so as they burn out we replace them with LED's. All our can lights are now LED bulbs and about half the rest of the bulbs in the house are LED now too. So much less heat given off, it's a huge difference.
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