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  1. Hello DHO, Just a line to say I have returned. Strayed away when the trouble with my legs began to hinder my time in the PC chair but things are better now. I have returned to get back into WoT and have applied to join a clan over on the WoT page in your PC gaming section. The new site looks strange to me but I'll get used to it. I hope some of the old timers here will remember me, lol.
  2. Howdy gents, Like it or not I've come back! Dipping my toes back into the WoT stream so to speak. I'm looking to join a clan as it's lonely out there on the battlefield so here I am. I've been away too long but I have decided to jump into the deep end. I'm looking to join one of The DHO clans as I am a former member of DHO1, DHO2 and DHO-X. If there is room in DHO or X, those would be first choice but I am willing to take whatever to get back into good graces. "Just when I think I'm out they pull me back in"
  3. Howdy, Just wanted to say I'm sorry to my platoonmates from last night and my dropping out. We had just gotten done with a match and were about to pick new tanks when I got booted from the game and then the grid. The game dropped, the PC shut down in miliseconds...... then the room filled up with purplish-blue, very bright light. An electrical roar went right along with it. I bet my eyes got as big as my mouth, then I scooted my PC chair away from the window where it was focused. A few seconds later it was over, I got my lantern and checked the room for smoke and such but it was all safe inside. Once I got outside I could see the cause of the ruckus was a transformer that sits roughly 20 feet from my PC. There were pieces of it scattered about, some on fire. I ran a little traffic control with a neighbor until the firemen arrived. All in all I suppose I was so flustered I can't even remember who I was platooned with, lol. Oh well, everything is working, see you in-game.
  4. Gents, Howdy all.... after watching some WoT videos last week I got the itch to try my hand at tanks again. It's been a while so I spent a couple days getting my feet wet. Last night I got to play CW. I didn't score well but got a few strategic shots in and managed 3 kills. But most of all I had fun and felt welcomed. Thanks guys. You'll be seeing me around.
  5. She was muscle bound and hard shelled to boot!
  6. Except for the first time, I've had no problems with Aslains. The first time I went there I clicked on the pop up page mistaking it for the actual download. It gave me an unwanted tool bar that was an ad/pop up magnet. After that lesson it's been smooth sailing.
  7. And all ships at sea. Today I have stepped down and have passed the Commander title to Sly. He continues to produce on the clans' behalf and will make a proper leader for the group. Best of luck to you Sly.
  8. Grats! Slowly pushing that way, I think battleships are my bag.
  9. As much disdain I may hold for some of the top clans, mostly how lesser clans are looked down upon, those two asshats are crooks. The clan worked the path to get where they are and it was just wrong to take it. And now the joke: it would be a cold day in hell if could bring myself to do that to the clan, laugh if you want but I have too much respect for the institution and it's members. Rest assured men and besides the risk is bad all the way around. Either scorned for stealing or laughed at over the amount. :p
  10. No worries Hapa, I never shoot DHO members.
  11. As much as I can see it and I'm sure it'll be fleshed out by the officers, this is what I think. Each applicant will be looked over as carefully as possible but first and foremost must fall within our bedrock rules. Must be a dad, must join the Dad's web site and post an introduction. This must be met before an invite will be extended. Prior to the invite I would like the officers to mull over the applicants stats and garage. I'm not looking for nor demanding superman but I'd like to see at least 1 tier 10 or grinding a 9 to reach one. A silent assessment will be made over the first month by myself and the officers. Any whiners, gold diggers or argumentive types may come to be booted, we have enough to do without the cat herd breaking the gate. I appreciate the dropping of the pre-clan membership but this will be monitored. It's the only way we can survive as the group we are.
  12. I'll look into a surge protecter for sure, this is an old house As for the replacement PC, it didn't go well, so after talking to 2 tech guys they want me to send it to them. So later today off it goes to CA, so no telling how long I'll have to wait to be back online. I got the Jones real bad.
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