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  1. johnmcq77

    September PS+ Games

    ill download Velocity but other than that ill stick with Last of Us......Grounded Mode shall be finished
  2. johnmcq77

    DHO Game Finisher Challenge 2014

    finished Last of Us twice and also finished the DLC with all trophies lol
  3. johnmcq77

    unbelievable night where i stay

    Seems they may have him corrnered now in his cousins house...needs to end nkw
  4. johnmcq77

    unbelievable night where i stay

    We are 1 street over from where the lockdown area is DM..all we hear are helicopters. He will die in a gunfight that's for sjre
  5. johnmcq77

    unbelievable night where i stay

    Yeah Jedi...def a scary thing...he's still on the loose and we haveSWAT teams here too....
  6. Tonight an armed 24 yr old killed 3 officers and injured another 2....our city is on lockdown.... has been since 7pm or so...sad sad night but I'm even more proud of our officers that protect us...#PrayforMoncton
  7. welcome to the site buddy....
  8. johnmcq77

    Monday Night Raw

    yeah knew it was real lol just saying that wrestling was fake lol lol.......awesome wrestler indeed.....downloaded the Ultimate Warrior Ultimate Fight Collection a few hours ago.....going to watch that possibly tonight.........what got me teary eyed was the part here he spoke to his daughters..killed me man
  9. johnmcq77


    welcome to the site buddy....hope you enjoy. also Keltic ill send you a request buddy. didnt realise you were on ps4....also Daniel ill shoot one to you also........
  10. johnmcq77


    Lets go AVS...........hopefully a win tonight
  11. johnmcq77

    Monday Night Raw

    i know i know its fake but did anyone watch the Warrior Tribute????? im a wuss and all so this basically brought a tear to my eye.....sad times indeed
  12. johnmcq77

    DHO Game Finisher Challenge 2014

    i need a few trophies for Infamous Second Son and ill have platinumed it lol lol  playing through expert mode now.....getting some of the little trophies is a pain though
  13. johnmcq77

    Borderlands 3

    think IGN confirmed it...boasting they saw it for sure
  14. johnmcq77

    DHO Game Finisher Challenge 2014

    so glad i got that out the way man......great game but it consumed me lol
  15. johnmcq77

    DHO Game Finisher Challenge 2014

    Platinumed Fifa 14...........feels good