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  1. Welcome to DHO kwakatak. Man, I am literally in your shoes and know exactly what you are talking about. I have been home with the kids for about 6 years now (I will be 44 this April) and it is a full time job. We actually did the same thing figuring daycare expense and the cost of an additional vehicle, it wouldn't be much of a gain. I think every man should do this just for a short time so they can appreciate what is actually involved in being a stay at home parent (It ain't soap opera's and naps)  :happyno There are MANY times I have thought about how having a paying job would be SO much better, easier and less stressful than doing this. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and you are not alone!  :bananarock
  2. I haven't heard anything more about this, but I'm ready to get back to block stacking!  :2thumbs
  3. Congrats Bob!!! Excellent choice fella's, I couldn't think of anyone else more deserving. Your wisdom is greatly appreciated at DHO!
  4. Today was my kids 12th closed school day and I would be very surprised if they have it tomorrow. OMG, they call the house phone, my cell and then the wife's cell.....YES, NO SCHOOL Global warming my A$$!
  5. I have to go with you on this one Tek. As a recovering addict myself, it is just sad. You ARE right, it is anything but a choice. I can see how a person that never had to deal with any kind of addiction would think that way, but (and I pray nobody ever does) if you have you would know it is an everyday battle. The town I live in has a serious heroin epidemic right now. Young people are dying left and right over it here. I never tried heroin myself (my addiction was codeine) but I heard that heroin is the most addictive drug known to man. I am 100% positive that there was not ONE day in this mans life that he regretted ever putting that needle in his arm. Addiction does not discriminate, it can happen to anyone at any time.....just being at the wrong place at the wrong time and make one stupid decision. There was an article in our local paper from a man that was pleading to the community to wake up and address this issue. He lost his daughter to heroin and she was the last person you would expect to have done something like that (Straight A student/honor roll/cheerleader). She just made a bad choice and was sucked into the horrible world of addiction. I do think also that him being wealthy, he did have pretty much an unlimited amount of resources to combat his addiction. Sometimes though, rehab is not enough and that is why these people are dying. If an addict is going to have any kind of chance to recover, they will need the full support of their family and friends and (sometimes) unfortunately, that is not even enough. I have been sober over 6 years now but that doesn't mean sh*t. Because of what I put myself through, I will never be able to take another pain pill in my life. If I go to the dentist I can only get relief with over the counter meds. Yes, this is entirely my fault because of stupid decisions. I'm not asking for sympathy for this man, just try to look at it from another point of view. Nobody OD's on purpose and nobody wants to be an addict....it's a scary and horrible way to live and it can happen to anyone. :sad2
  6. Those are pretty cool. Wish I still had my vintage Kenner Star Wars collection. I never could find a good storage solution for that stuff.
  7. Where would you find gaming miniatures? I have tried Hobby Lobby and several fabric stores with no luck. I wish this stuff was readily available at Walmart and places like that.
  8. [quote name="Pinmonkey001" post="319411" timestamp="1390850428"] I still love Halo Wars.  I used to stay up all night playing that game. [/quote] :2thumbs I've been wanting to get back into it. I still have a lot of cheevo's to get.
  9. I think the Halo series on Legendary was/is some of the most fun I've had playing games. It's not hard enough to make you want to quit, but it is also very challenging.  :2thumbs Reminds me, I need to get back into Halo Wars. I know it's totally different, but Man is it a blast!
  10. LoL, I like that! I'm not really a cat or dog person (I love all animals). Although, I have to admit, I'm a little prejudice against long haired pets. I just never liked animals that are long haired (Is that wrong)? I think if we got a dog again it would be a Chihuahua or something small and short haired. I don't trust people that don't like animals, I think that is weird. I love that Husky Chris, those dogs are so beautiful and they have the coolest eyes. Does anyone else have a long haired hatred or is that just me?
  11. It's funny how they all have different personalities. All 3 of my cats are completely different. They all seem very uneasy when the 7 yo is at home. During the day when it's just me here and peaceful, they all come out and just chill with me. Once I had 2 ferrets, Never doing that again! Anyone have exotic pets? (Snakes, spiders, etc.)
  12. I just realized are forum is missing a section....Pets! I know many of you all have pets and since they are a very important part of our lives, we should have a designated area to discuss all the fun and enjoyment those fuzzy bastards give us each day. Currently, we have 3 cats....yeah, 3!!! That is 3 too many, but remember, I live with 3 females. Kinda lost that vote!
  13. Well, I have found a pretty reasonable place online (foamfactory). Shipping is still a little steep but this place appears to be an hour and twenty minute drive from my house. Might take a road trip soon! I just hate when places charge way more for shipping than the total cost of the items ordered (TurtleBeach comes to mind) This is one of the things to watch on eBay these days. Sellers charging more for shipping than it actually cost them to cover their eBay fees!
  14. Thanks Bob! My Mom suggested Joann Fabric, maybe I will browse around.
  15. Hey guys, just thought I would put this out there. I am looking for some pick n pluck foam to go inside an aluminum case I have. I found some online, but either it's only available in bulk or the shipping cost is killing it (Around $14) Thought maybe someone here might know where to get some cheap (or locally). The case is 24"x12" and about 4" depth. If I could find a piece that was 24"x24"x2" I could double it up. For what they want for this stuff, I should have went into the foam selling business!
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