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  1. xJediDadx

    Introduce Yourself Here #6

    PC, Browser based or Mobile @Lenghost
  2. xJediDadx

    Introduce Yourself Here #6

    Welcome back Len! Hop on over to Discord for WoT Comms. They've move to there from Teamspeak
  3. xJediDadx

    Welcome Deadbeef to DHO!

    Welcome Deadbeef!
  4. xJediDadx

    Ethernet Through the Power Outlet

    Good to hear Keltic. I'll be buying two pairs of these soon. I need one for my PC. The one in the living room will run the PS4 and One X and i can put the 4th in the bedroom for our TIVO box
  5. xJediDadx

    Toner Q

    I use inktechnologies.com for toner for all of my printers here at the office and i've been using it for about 6 years straight now. It's cheaper priced and lasts just as long if not longer then the name brand stuff. I don't use it at home cause it's cost effective to get the name brand stuff for my home printer. It really just depends on the costs of both places.
  6. xJediDadx

    Welcome Sooner to DHO!

    Welcome home @Sooner! 🙂 The site has changed a bit. We're also pretty active on Discord (link to join is down below in my signature or on the home page in the widget) I'm back on Xbox myself after taking quite a break from having one. Also have a PS4 and a Switch. I'll look you up on the PS4 though and send you a friend request.
  7. xJediDadx

    SSD input wanted

    I would go with the 860 as well. $150 for a 1TB SSD is a really good price.
  8. Gonna kindly move this down to the WoT section. 🙂
  9. xJediDadx

    Ethernet Through the Power Outlet

    My fear is him ripping the PS4 off the shelf. Otherwise, i'd need about a 25ft cable to wrap around the outside edge of his room to go from the router to his PS4
  10. xJediDadx

    Ethernet Through the Power Outlet

    No you're right, but his PS4 is on the opposite end of the room from where the internet comes in. lol He often complains about loosing connection sometimes or lags out pretty bad even though his PS4 is less then 15 feet away from the WiFi signal. And I'd rather not have an ethernet cord running across the floor in his room to his PS4 cause he'll just forget about it and trip over it and break something.
  11. xJediDadx

    Ethernet Through the Power Outlet

    That's awesome to hear. I think I'm going to go this route and get 4 of these... two for my sons room (one where the internet comes in) and the other for his PS4. Then put the other in the living room for my Xbox and PS4. It's cheaper then getting a mesh system right now. Figured I'll save the mesh for when we eventually buy a house.
  12. xJediDadx

    Need advice - new streamer

    Depending on the book, you could maybe find images from the book or images related to the subject you're reading and have those rotate in the background as you read, or some soft music maybe?
  13. xJediDadx

    Taxes- How do you file?

    Mine are super simple. I've been using TurboTax for about 8 years now.
  14. xJediDadx

    Ethernet Through the Power Outlet

    haha I'll be patiently awaiting his and your thoughts on it.
  15. xJediDadx

    Ethernet Through the Power Outlet

    I know Mesh is expensive. But it can cover a huge house with 2 or 3 of the broadcast points. Plus the one's I've been looking at have 2 ethernet ports on them so i can plug things into those and it acts like it's wired to a router/switch.
  16. xJediDadx

    Ethernet Through the Power Outlet

    I'd rather have this then a Wi-Fi Extender. I absolutely hate those things. Though I have been debating about flipping over to a WiFi Mesh system, but that's for another section of forum. lol
  17. xJediDadx

    Ethernet Through the Power Outlet

    I've never used one. Nor have I heard much about them, but if they're reliable and works great, let us know. Cause I'd be willing to try it out with my Xbox and PS4 in the living room since both are running off wi-fi
  18. There's an intro thread or at least a Welcome to DHO thread started whenever someone joins. It's in the General Discussion section. As far as applications go... I'm not quite sure how those are done here so I would need a bit of information on that and see if there's a way to make them stand out more.
  19. xJediDadx

    DHO Forza Horizon 2 Dads Night

    We need to do it again or even on FH4 if everyone has it or at least has GamePass
  20. I'll get it done in a little while when I get to a computer. Sorry to see you go after nearly 5 years of being here.
  21. xJediDadx

    Anyone playing Battlefield V?

    Welcome to the new PS4 owner rabbit hole. lol Horizon Zero Dawn (can find the GotY edition for dirt cheap now) Spider-Man God of War Those are just the exclusives. There are several more that i can't remember off the top of my head that are on both consoles.
  22. xJediDadx

    Welcome JJ22 to DHO!

  23. xJediDadx

    Dad Live Tweets His Son Trying to Sneak Girl Out of House

    hahaha That's something i would totally do too. I love it
  24. xJediDadx

    2019 Goals?

    Oh yea... Forgot a couple of things... LOL Pay off Debt (thanks for the reminder Talon) Play more disc golf
  25. xJediDadx

    2019 Goals?

    Here's what i'm hoping for. Lose 50 pounds find a new job in the summer buy a house family trip to Alaska Save up enough money for 2020 to hit all PAX conventions in the US.