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  1. xJediDadx

    Devastating Family Crisis

    Sorry to hear that Randy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
  2. xJediDadx

    Forza Horizon 4

    I haven't figured out how to do Clubs... Also haven't been on to play this so it might have been fixed since the last time i tried. cause I think it was bugging out for a lot of people
  3. xJediDadx

    Attention all Streamers!!

    Got you set up already Toanstation
  4. xJediDadx

    New DHO Logos - Need Input!

    Set 1 or Set 2 in Red
  5. xJediDadx

    Welcome Randolph

  6. xJediDadx

    Forza Horizon 4

    i need to figoure the club stuff for this game now that i have access to it finally.
  7. xJediDadx

    Hapa is Twitch Affiliated!

    Congrats on getting affiliated! That's a huge step in the Twitch world.
  8. xJediDadx

    Welcome coot_2018

  9. xJediDadx

    How to Discord video

    added to the list Ayle. thanks
  10. xJediDadx

    How to Discord video

    A beyond the basics of Discord video could be a thing if enough people want something, but I'd have to figure out what to put into that one. lol
  11. xJediDadx

    How to Discord video

    Updating with what i have for my outline so far.... I'll update mine as questions or ideas come in.
  12. Hey Everyone, I'm working on a "How to Discord" video for those new to Discord. I already have an outline in place with some of the basics that i think need to be covered. But i wanted to reach out to all of you here and see if there are any questions you guys might have that i can cover in my video. So...any questions you have about discord, please drop them here and I'll add them to my video if I hadn't already thought to cover it. I'm going to try my hardest to keep the video between 5 and 10 minutes. I don't want to drag it out too long cause then it'll just get boring.
  13. xJediDadx

    Iron Fist Season 2 - Netflix

    I'm glad to hear there's an improvement from Season 1. I'll be starting it this weekend if I get done with Spider-Man and finish Voltron. 😄
  14. xJediDadx

    Attention all Streamers!!

    Welcome everyone to our new section for Streaming!! Please post here for any questions/comments/concerns/tips/set-up you may have about streaming. I'd love to see our streaming community take off and be recognized! Also, if you are a streamer and want to be announced that you're streaming on the Discord side of things, please reply here or in the streaming channel on Discord with either your Twitch ID, Mixer ID# or YouTube name and I'll get you added to our bot that will automatically announce on there that you're streaming when it sees that you've started.