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  1. Im going to go ahead and call shenanigans. MAYBE if you have it running while playing WoW but, well you shouldnt do that anyways
  2. Me and Tom Ace have started playing a lot of ED lately (helps with my ed). With the new updates coming in the next year we are hoping to get a few more people to join us. So if you love space then you should take a look. Base game is 30 and then the horizons which includes tons of addons plus the new stuff for free next year is another 30. There is a pretty steep learning curve if you're alone but i have a ship that allows two others to fly with me and i have fighters they can launch out in. good way to make a lot of money and learn the basics with any risk.
  3. I never played the first one. This one is rough around the edges (camera angles and clicking) but all in all its a good game. Very much like a live action DnD game. Ive found its easiest to 1. play with two people or less. You cant really split up your party or bad things happen. its hard for 4 people to stay that close together all the time. 2. Pick one type of damage either physical or magical on character creation or you will waste a whole lot of time before realizing you cant clear the last fight to leave the first area lol. Having guys trying to chip away at two different armor sets just makes the fights too hard.
  4. im level 30 pve and 36 DZ and havent found a single skin. Also havent seen a single yellow drop. One for a friend did but thats it.
  5. i bailed on my cousin and got it on PS4. All you xbox one dads be sure to hit up fellow dad Tom Ace0
  6. im about to start playing in 9 minutes!
  7. ill chalk that up to another reason i like my xbone better
  8. ^^^^ OH SNAP... Can we change our PSN for free? cuz i feel like that we are missing out on such an epic opportunity
  9. So i have broken down and got a PS4 and changed my division pre-order over. I fully expect everyone of the dads to send me a friend request since im too stupidz from xboxzzz to do itz. my tag on there is same as XBL.. IPulledMyHammy.
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