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  1. Villid

    DHO Twitch/Mixer

    Well of course they are lol.
  2. Villid

    DHO Twitch/Mixer

    Twitch also has teams, but require you to be a partner, and that isn't feasible for us currently. Requires an average of 75 viewers.
  3. I'll take whatever role needs filling. At the very least, I'd like to moderate the streaming board since I'm running the twitch channel currently. I'm on discord constantly, and on the forums, at the least, daily
  4. Villid


    I played solo last night trying it out. The melee mechanics are a little clunky, but the game seems like it has so much potential when it's this polished for the alpha release.
  5. Villid

    Discord coms shift coming to a clan near you!

    Discord is super easy. And the comms are a lot clearer.
  6. Villid

    DHO Twitch/Mixer

    For those who don't already follow it, the official DHO twitch is http://www.twitch.tv/dadshideout We are trying to build up the DHO channel as a brand driver/source of income for DHO. To that end we want to host as many of the DHO streamers as possible. If you stream, post your links here and I'll get a follow out to you. We will also be doing some direct streaming through the DHO channel, but to be honest, I'm not 100% sure how to go about that. If anyone has any experience with it, please pm me, I have lots of questions. I will also be creating a Mixer channel shortly for our small, but seemingly growing, Mixer community.
  7. Villid


    So i picked this up today, haven't started it yet. Just released into Alpha, but looks really polished for a game that early. Seems similar to Dayz in play style, only it's good. $20 on Steam, so not bad.
  8. Villid

    Neebs Gaming

    I watch all their stuff. Absolutely hilarious. They stream on Thursdays as well.
  9. Villid


    Everything was unsuccessful. Stock pile coal. Lots and lots and LOTS of coal.
  10. Villid

    Youtube videos and streaming!

    There will be a whole board dedicated to when get around to it.
  11. Villid

    DHO WoWS Twitch Channels

    FYI for all the streamers, I am working on revamping the DHO streaming set up. So if anyone has any suggestions for making the DHO streams beneficial to both the site and the streamers, please feel free to PM me. Hopefully you'll see a separate streaming board going up shortly. DHO twitch is https://www.twitch.tv/dadshideout
  12. Villid

    Old account gone

    Thats more of a question for Magma or Jedi, they usually handle the updates.