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  1. Nah, it's my main PC I built in 2013. The hard drive has all of my games, photo projects, video captures, music files, etc. on it, so it's critical that I recover it. Not 100% sure about the motherboard issue, because I took the SATA cable directly out of my SSD, which is being properly recognized, and put on the hard drive with no success.
  2. Tried installing my girlfriend's hard drive in to my PC, but it wouldn't get recognized. After removal, my hard drive was no longer recognized by Windows. In BIOS, the hard drive is showing up as a PATA drive, even though it's connected up as a SATA. I've ordered an external drive case to put it in, in hopes that it will be recognized in the US format, but anyone have any other ideas I can try? I've already updated the BIOS, so that's off the list.
  3. I played in the Drawn to Death beta/whatever it was. The game sucked. Super disappointed this month.
  4. I haven't talked to my mom going on three years now. It's not as difficult as it seems.
  5. I currently have AMD, which I am disappointed in AFTER the fact I found out Intel were better. With the new Ryzen stuff, I'm more than likely going to go that route the next PC I build.
  6. I highly suggest building your own if you want the most power for the cheapest amount. With Ryzen out, I'd take that over Intel at this moment, as it performs pretty much as well as the higher end i7's but for much cheaper.
  7. I'd say f*ck that b*tch, lol. You were doing your job.
  8. Since I'm someone who loves physical copies of games, this would be nearly useless for me. That, and I don't own a Juan, lol.
  9. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on how to use Blender. There's a ton of "Beginner's Guide" videos available. I still easily consider myself a beginner at it, lol.
  10. Here's a very quick, dirty render in Blender. You should give Blender a try; it can be pretty fun. :)
  11. A lot of it was learning how to actually use Blender and how a lot of the different parts of it work.
  12. My biggest concern is time. Just for the one I made for me took a good 30 something hours, not to mention the render time. That low quality render took three days by itself.
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