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  1. Got another email stating that sombody has tried and failed to log in to my account.
  2. I need to do one of those for my college algebra class, my students would love that.
  3. anybody else get that email from Epic?
  4. Cough, I think I'm starting to come down with something.
  5. Fraking ay! Just heard the news, xb1 can play 360 games!!!! Wooohooo
  6. Thanks guys! I should have some if that legendary "free time" in a few weeks for a month or two, hope to catch up with you guys!
  7. Rolled the Heart of the Praxic Fire for my warlock. Now I have a fire god subclass to go with my Nova bomb massacre subclass. The only exotics that I missing at this point is the necro and the saint 14.
  8. I'm going to use that on all my chefs today, that's fraking gold!
  9. I got it , currently leveling it up for the hard raid.
  10. Okay, just beat the new raid for the sixth time last night, this is my loot so far. Five pieces of raid gear over three characters. The raid shotgun, LMG and sniper rifle. Raid cloak. Energy and shards. No ship :-/ How have you guys made out for the first couple of weeks?
  11. Just beat Crota that is not an easy raid. I believe the team git a couple machine guns, a rocket launcher and everyone go emblems ad shaders.
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