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  1. LOL... damn if you didnt get me on that one.
  2. Yeah well you know me. I tend to go into hiding every now and then. Good to see things are going well. I thought you were supposed to get your butt up to VA this summer?
  3. I have that affect.... How's things brother? You been keeping Aftr in line these days?
  4. Dear Mods, Why is Joey791 such a tool? Thanks in advanced for your response sincerely, Olden44
  5. [quote author=Aftrthought051 link=topic=176.msg328522#msg328522 date=1394554955 The Division I just read probably got pushed back into 2015 now. So yeah, that's a long, long way off. This makes me extremely sad
  6. [quote name="Pinmonkey001" post="225159" timestamp="1350918489"] if you want olden we can do terramorphius a few times to level you up. [/quote] I'm down,, Just shoot me an invite whenever [quote author=Aftrthought051 link=topic=17113.msg225204#msg225204 date=1350921518] Still don't have the DLC, and haven't even hit level 50 yet.  Might get the DLC next week though. Need to game with others, but now everyone is pretty much well beyond me.  Olden helped me out some Sunday, and that was a good time.  Then he had to go eat breakfast.  Damn Joey's mom be
  7. sitting at 42 right now... but if you still need help when I hit 50 I'll be happy to join in.
  8. I don't play that much Halo but that seemed like a Halo 3 video to me.  Was it?
  9. Awesome!!!  I love that they still managed to give her perky breasts and show the cleavage....
  10. ... [attachment deleted by admin] [attachment deleted by admin]
  11. For some reason I can say it over and over and still laugh
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