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  1. I could pop in and play this weird game that everyone keeps talking about...lol
  2. I guess I can get on a dad's night of gaming. Been too long.
  3. Relax, relax you only have to deal with the UI being that way for a little bit longer. It really isn't that hard to figure out and as for your Games if they are not on your download list then you should search for them and it should let you download without an issue. No matter Congrats on the XB1 good to have ya back on it.
  4. With my backlog I have more than enough ammunition..Point is should I try to attack it..lol You can add me and see how I do. :P
  5. Add me I'll get one when I see you on. Hulk Jr457 is my gamertag Added you back.
  6. Played a couple games and it is AMAZEBALLS!! Definitely want to hook up with my fellow dads and kick the ballistics in this weekend.
  7. So am I the only one who is on the mp beta from being a dashboard beta user? If you guys are on let me know I would love to party up with my fellow dads. I have played two matches and placed 1st in my second game. It is SOOOOO PRRRREEEETTTTTYYYY! DRM rules!
  8. When you do let me know if the game looks towards your older saves. I am curious to that on 360 and ps3.
  9. I have it pre-ordered for my XB1 but I know sooner or later as I did with the other two I bought them for both 360 and PS3 and ended up getting them free on PC. So it is just a matter of time..lol
  10. There isn't an "Uber-collection". Well not in the states anyway. Because nothing has been announced.
  11. Let me know I have not played any of the new DLC and let alone have not even got to my first level 50 when I stopped playing.
  12. [quote name="Aftrthought051" post="344637" timestamp="1405435032"] That's awesome of you Ashe.  +1. [/quote] From out of the shadows I came and saved the day...;) actually no big deal I am going to have four extra codes two for PS3 and two for XB1. I know I wouldn't need them. Why not.
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