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  1. DragonDust02


    You have to spend money to start a guild? That's lame.
  2. DragonDust02

    Xbox Gamertags Here!

  3. DragonDust02

    Pokemon GO

    For any fans of the Pokemon games, Pokemon GO is a free app that lets you use your Apple or Android phone to go into the real world and catch Pokemon to use at the Gyms and fight other Pokemon trainers. You can level up and evolve your Pokemon and of course catch em all. Its quite fun and makes running errands much more pleasant because you don't know what Pokemon you may find or if there is a Pokestop nearby. Pokestops are places where you can go and collect new items and I think sell unwanted ones. Post your Pics here!
  4. DragonDust02

    Xbox Gamertags Here!

    Just got an XboxOne today! Got the Division, Halo 5 Sunset Overdrive and Gears of War.. My new GamerTag is MaliciousTacos Had DragonDust02 for last 10 years.. needed a change. Hope to see some of yall online sometime.
  5. DragonDust02

    Blizzard ID's

    I finally broke down and bought 2 months of WOW time. working on an Alliance rogue Warg. lol
  6. DragonDust02


    I enjoyed the game myself, or at least the part I was able to play. The difficulty in the game was enormous. I died so many times, and Rage quit several times, and I am not even out of the city.. This would be a definite rental for me first. could have saved $60
  7. Been playing ESO on PS4. Forgot how much I loved that game. Poor Fallout 4 is sitting over there all lonesome.

  8. DragonDust02

    December Playstation Plus 2015 games

    I played the arcade version of Gauntlet. Can't wait to try the PS4 reboot.
  9. DragonDust02

    Dads playing Planetside 2

    I downloaded it but haven't had much time to play it recently. still learning the controls.
  10. Loving PC gaming, now that I have one that runs them.

  11. DragonDust02

    What's your favorite survival / open world game?

    I ended up buying H1Z1 as it is only $13.69 on steam today! Downloading it now.
  12. DragonDust02

    What's your favorite survival / open world game?

    anyone play Nether? I saw it on steam.
  13. DragonDust02

    Dads playing Elder Scrolls Online

    Hey, this is DragonDust02. I'm on PS4 and I have a level 7 character for each faction so would be happy to play with you guys.
  14. DragonDust02

    Elder Scrolls Online

    I picked it up on PS4 since I pre-ordered it back in January.. I am in the Ebonhart faction at the moment. This game is like a huge Skyrim game. There is crafting, looting, guilds, and tons of quests, upgrades to skill sets.. There is in game chat as well. If anyone else on PS4 gets this let me know and I'll start a DHO guild if I can.
  15. DragonDust02

    Tera on Steam

    boo! Apparently the tiger mount was only a temporary thing. only got my horse now.