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  1. Helping someone in a bind is never a bad thing. That being said, this sounds like a situation where you want to help but only if conditions are met. Eg. he gets help, she gets help, or they are doing something to right their situation. It sucks because kids are involved; which hopefully someday the father will recognize. Bottom line is the kids come first, both the mother and father need to man up to the situation. You and your wife will continue to be used out convenience either because the father or mother or both don’t want to deal with the situation the right way. I will pray for you.
  2. I want to play with you Zilt. Come on over here and cuddle up next to the fire.
  3. Hello All, its good to see you all. Hoping to catch some games with you sometime, GoW, Halo, Destiny....
  4. Guess I'm a day late, but I still have a dollar.
  5. Hello all, just checking in, seeing if the lights were still on.
  6. Yes Dave I was planning on trying to make it to atleast part of this. I should be home from Kung Fu around 8:30, ready to play @9.
  7. Two purchases last week: 1. New Dog; Papillion/Toy Poodle Mix Named Onyx 2. New tattoo on my back [attachment deleted by admin]
  8. Yep, its one frag at spawn, but you can get another when picking up an ammo crate. It can be annoying especially when your in a good gnasher battle.
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