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    My wife read the Hunger games books and we saw the 1st movie. She told me if I don't like the Hunger Games plot, I probably won't like Revolution. You say post-apocalyptic world? What cause all this? The gov't from what I understand. Seems to follow HG pretty good. I have not had a chance to watch any of the shows yet. But I will be starting soon with on-demand. Then I'll come back and change my posts if needed.
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    Hunger Games in TV style. Not sure if I really want to watch it.
  3. In the link to that picture, you'll have to replace the **** with ussy to see it.
  4. Guess they can't use Russians, since Russia is our friends.
  5. Thank the gov'ts for that and the lawyers. But I've seen many are Hobby Lobby and a couple other stores around here. If push comes to shove, check out Tower Hobbies http://www.plastic-models.com/. I've had good purchases with them when I was doing RC.
  6. If any of you go all out for Halloween or just looking for some cool prosthetics that aren't astronomiclly expensive. Check out www.hauntsfx.com. This is a friend I went to school with and he also works at the best haunted house in Louisiana.
  7. Don't think she downplayed it. I've read some FB post of some girl friends. Most left 1/2 way through it. What they saw in the trailer is what they saw in the movie. Just like I put it. They all wanted to see a 2 hour strip show and they didn't get it. All the women that saw it got shafted! Typical Hollywood. THey said the acting was bad. One chick I know posted on FB after she left "All those girls that pre-ordered tickets, return them". Some say it's not even woth DVD rental. :lol Magic Mike ......
  8. That is typical marketing. Show the good parts and screw them with the rest of the movie. I bet there was 10-15 mins of strippers dancing. The rest was a love story. If any of the women would have paid attention to the trailer, in between the stripper parts, they would have seen there was more to the story. It sure wasn't a 2 hour stripper show and they all got suckered. How in the hell you let that happen? You should have made sure she was in her room. Then had setup your room for the return of your wife. I still don't see the problem, you could have taken care of business in another room.
  9. I had gotten so much into the characters that I felt lost at the end. Yes I did get upset at the end also. You could really tell who were the active seals. They really didn't act well, but were good.
  10. Bought the disc set. Loved it and sounded freaking awesome on my SS. Really didn't like the end much, but it did have to end.
  11. I heard the debut song on XM. Sounded pretty good.
  12. Different strokes for different folks. Monday they talked about it on the View. Said is was so awesome. I guess there are different turn-ons for everyone. Been trying to get my wife to read it. Not sure how she would react to it. She's not one to read something and fantasize about it.
  13. It was the one here in Houma. The actual auditorium was all the way to the right. You know where the other food bar is? Just to the left of it. I don't think I've ever been in that one before. Actually there are a couple back there I haven't been in. Those are a little smaller than the ones to the left of the main room and the 1st 2 to the right. I didn't here speaker pop or anything out of the ordinary. I even to the missus that the sound is better than the other auditoriums we've seen movies in.
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